“When my skin grows old
When my breath goes cold
I’ll be thinking about you.
Yeah, about you.”

You sometimes want to send these lyrics to your neighbor house which is standing a bit far, but still, want to send these to theirs? Got an amplifier (amp), but not workingproperly? Eh, okay follow these easy steps, and you’ll be able to make these sounds to theirs. :-P

Task One –Make a measurement and buy some wires on the basis of the distance between the speakerand the amplifier. And try to choose a bit thick something.

Task Two –okay got some real great wires? Aha, Okay cut the amount you need by a cutter. But be careful about cutting, as the wire is totally apart into two strands.

Actually,conductor. Inside that conductor, you may find some silver, copper or maybe if you are lucky enough then you may find some gold wires. (Funny) :-P

Task Three-Now polarity, that means now the task of finding out the black and white one. One of it that means negative, the red one. Then another is positive, the white one. Sometimes in those strands, you’ll find some symbol indicating plus or minus which mean positive and negative.

Task Four –Now once again brought your cutter back, and just simply split the wires in the middle of them. Actually cutting the barrier which actually makes separation of two strands. You may need to cut down 4 inches or something more or less to take apart those strands.

Task Five- Now just cut off the insulation that means the cover by which the copper or something like is hidden. Okay but don’t cut off more than 3/8s of an inch from the bare wires. Just be sure and keep your careful eyes for not to cut off the wires. The cover or the insulation should make out of the wires and make the main wire exposed. Now you have done it for the positive side. Now just do the same with the negative side.

Task six- Now just search for the speaker wire terminals of your amplifier in its backside. Actually, if you just observe carefully you’ll see those terminal’s color as red and black plastic squares or relevant shape with a hole in each of them. Often these squares are held in place with screws.
Now just twist the uncovered wires into a solitary, more manageable wire.

Task Seven – Now just push back to open the small hole of the connector I mean spring connector. Now insert into the hole the exposed wire with a bit carefulness. Now just don’t forget to insert the positive wire into the red spring connector and also the negative wire that means negative polarity wire into the black spring connector.
And ensure the connections are snug or not by a tug on the speaker wires a bit.

Step Eight- Now just repeat the same process to connect the wires to your amplifier.

Ayy. You are done now. Now hit that power key and crank those machines up to 12 and just make your neighbor sing internally
“Your skin grew old
Your’s breath got cold
And still, I’m not giving a shit about you.
About you

Owoaw. “
Okay so take last lines as funny and f you are searching for some shared vintage speaker then just “Blow This Up”.

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