An internet is like an open space available to all, but to make avail a plot or a space you will have to first purchase it, mark it before any foundation takes place .Since creating a website has become so effortless, anyone with an availability of the internet can create one so. But, to have a website simply does not mean having an access to internet. To have a specified website one needs to have two main things; ‘hosting’ and ‘domain’. Hosting a website is a service that provides a space on the internet for your website to be accessible to the users. Without hosting, your most beloved websites of entertainment, games, news etc would be in non-existent. The celebrated individual that you adore and venerate are in his/his profound place because at a certain point in his life someone had been with him and provided him the ‘platform’ that has made him as known as he/she is now. The same are for websites too; there will be a number of a grain of websites built exceptionally good but the question here is, if they will be viable on the internet?
Given the huge dose of the demands for hosting services, when going through search engines for website hosting services, you will find numbers and numbers of it. The trick here is to find the correct one that fills your medium. WordPress among the lots has been known to be the most powerful self-hosting CMS with free hosting services such as the 000Webhost. For people will no dearth of the coding terms and dealings, hosting a website can be extremely complex and hence they do what they do best and that is to rely on the sources available to them which will have their websites activated in just few clicks .000Webhost as a free hosting service is great for starting or medium size projects while another example among the various hosting services with good responses is Bluehost which provides not only cheap but 24/7 customer support.
Hosting a website can be time and pain-sticking so here are the few abridged steps involved in hosting a website. Since WordPress is a website application that is written in PHP, it is best to get familiarised with the phpMyAdmin. WordPress runs on PHP and it calls up information from the database dynamically generating posts and pages on the spot in the cPanel.
Next would be to backup that database incase of mistakes when trying to upload the local version of your site to a live server, you will have a backup and to backup select the local WordPress database within the phpMyAdmin list to ‘Export’. Select the ‘custom’ then ‘zip’ as your compression method.
Export your database from the local-host and this time select the ‘gzipped’ instead of the ‘zip’.
Upload your database using FTP, upload the WordPress files to your hosting account to which you need an FTP client. Once you have a handle on how to use an FTP client, launch your preferred one and connect to your live hosting account then find the directory where you would want your site to appear.
For creating a MySQL Database you will need to create a MySQL database on your live site to ensure your site appears as you intended.
Before you ‘Import’ the earlier uploaded files go back to the cPanel and click on phpMyAdmin and select the MySQL database you created in the previous step before clicking the ‘import’ now that your database is created.
To fix the URL, configure the settings that match your localhost which needs to be fixed. In the phpMyAdmin scroll down to the wp_option. Find the option_name beneath where you will find the ‘siteurl’. Click the ‘edit’, once the ‘edit’ windows open look for the option_value field. Get rid of whatever is in the ‘siteurl’ and click ‘go’ to save changes.
Open the FTP client and edit your wp-configuration.php file to finish the setup. Input in database name, username and password on the appropriate lines then save the file and re-upload it onto your file server. Now on typing the website address your WordPress site should appear.

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