How to identify a domestic violence relationship??

Many people feel trapped in a domestic violence relationship and are in denial. Some people believe that no the problem is not that big of a deal, others believe they can change their partner, and/or there self -esteem is so low that they rather tolerate the abuse then be alone. I personally was in a violent relationship for five years and I too thought all of the above. But nobody ever pointed out the signs to me. Once I grew the courage to leave my partner and tell him “what you have done is not right, I’m done it’s over for good.” I grew to have a appreciation for life. I learned how to be confident again and even how to believe in love again. I will first discuss the signs then I will discuss what need to be done

Fear of your partner is the most common sign that you are in a domestic violence relationship. For example your always doing things his way to avoid an argument, If your always walking on eggshells around your partner. If you feel hopeless, helpless, and/or desperate to be saved of the everyday agony but to scarred to do anything yourself. If your partner manipulates you to thinking you’re the problem. For instance he/she say you provoke them. Another sign is he/she limits your access to car, phone and money. Also, If your partner keeps you away from friends and family. if they control your every move if they always want to know what your doing and were your at. If they conr34etinuously humiliate and criticize you. Many times they may belittle you to feel empowered. Make you cry or abuse you in any way physically, emotionally, or mentally. Abuse works in these three ways the abuse takes place, then the abuser feels guilty apologizes and says it wont happen again then put ups excuses sometimes blaming the victim. I remember when I was in a domestic violence relationship I remembering making excuses for him often blaming myself for his actions. And I firmly believed I could change him I tried everything including church and even therapy. But once an abuser always an abuser, I later learned that he was doing the same thing to his new girlfriend.

What you need is an escape plan there’s is many places you can get help. And when your trying to leave the abuser don’t fall for that lame excuse that I’ll kill myself if you’re not with me. That is only to get pitty from you so u don’t end the violent relationship. This is a toll free crisis line for women 1866 879-6636 and here is a domestic violence prevention place also toll free 1800 799 7233. There are half house that you can stay at if you have no where to go. You must build courage against your attacker eve if you love them you must leave them. Do not fall under the false pre tenses that they will change what they do is wrong and they do not deserve you. So if you were in doubt I hope this article is is an eye opener for you to identify a domestic violence relationship and hopefully you grow courage enough to leave him/her. Best wishes.

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