A definite sign that you may be dealing with a person who suffers from narcissistic personality disorder is their inability to accept any criticism, constructive or otherwise.

The truth of the matter is the narcissistic personality has a very flimsy sense of ‘self’. Thenarcissistic personality is a ‘mirage’, a False Self pretending to be everything that he or she would really like to – but doesn’t feel – about him or herself.The narcissist’s fragile emotions depend on being ‘important’, ‘special’ and ‘admired’.There is very little room left in these requirements for ‘criticism’.

When a narcissist personalityis triggered by feeling criticised, you will notice that he or she will immediately switch to non-accountability and projection. There will be intense resistance, and if you try to pursue the point, then you will seethe narcissistic personality emerge.

For a narcissistic personality to admit he or she is wrong is emotional annihilation. The narcissist is already consumed with incredible dark guilt, and a horrific sense of ‘being bad’, and has been trying to avoid these feelings by creatinga False Self persona to be anything but this ‘bad’ person. The problem is, because the False Self is so central to thenarcissisticpersonality,this individual has no sense of conscience, remorse or empathy for others. It is all about thenarcissistic personality retaining his or her False Self.

The shame that plagues thenarcissistic personality,which will never be acknowledgedor dealt with by the narcissist, has to be projected out at others. Therefore any perceived criticism (and it is a hair line trigger) will be met with denial, blame-shifting, scapegoating, and any tactic that is required to avoid taking any responsibilityor suffer the narcissisticinjury of even greater shame.

When faced with the narcissistic personality trait of the inability to accept criticism, not only will you be shocked at what the narcissist perceives as ‘criticism’ – you will realise that there are incredible pathological stories going on in this person’s mind for them to perceive ‘criticism’resulting from regular conversations and events that healthy individuals would not construct as criticism.

The narcissistic personalitytrait of inability to accept criticism (as well as many other pathological flaws) will make you feel like you are walking on broken glass , and that this person’s demands as to how you should treat him or her are illogical, entitled and incredibly unsafe for you.

If you are confronted with this narcissistic personality trait of the inability to accept criticism, it is suggested that you pull away, preserve your sense of decency and sanity and do not try to force the point. Implementing boundaries and possibly creating no contact with this person is highly recommended.

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