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CBD or cannabidiol is gaining reference in the present times and selling like hotcakes. It has become extremely popular because of its unique pain and stress relieving features. Also known to be beneficial in some neurological disorders especially epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. It has been proven that regular use of CBD oil or cannabidiol is extremely beneficial for skin especially with acne issues, in some scientific researches. However, CBD oil might have some adverse effects like fatigue if not taken in a prescribed manner. Like everything CBD oil comes with its disadvantages.

With the growing demand, suppliers have started adultering CBD oils and selling them in the market. It has become extremely difficult to differentiate between authentic and duplicate CBD oil. Because of so many benefits and advantages, CBD oil is very high in demand and hence the market for it is booming. Hence, if you are planning on buying CBD oil, you must do so with caution.

Myriam’s Hope CBD is the best you would find in the UK. Been in business for years, Myriam’s Hope CBD is the best you would find in the market. However, some suppliers are selling inauthentic CBD oil by the name of Myriam’s Hope CBD oil. Here are some of the ways how you can identify genuine Myriam’s Hope CBD from the duplicate ones and why you should always choose Myriam’s Hope CBD amongst the lot.


A logo is the identity of any brand. It is the stamp of its genuinity and authenticity. Also, a brand logo means that the seller or manufacturer is taking responsibility for the product. While buying Myriam’s Hope CBD oil, always look for the logo. Look for the authentic certified logo of Myriam’s Hope CBD while purchasing any product of its name. If the pack does not have the logo, do not buy it. Some duplicate entities might still claim it to be Myriam’s Hope CBD, but know that it is not without the certified logo.


The first feature of a good brand is that it is trustworthy, that is, it is trusted by the people who use it, trusted by the consumers. Myriam’s Hope CBD has been in the CBD business for years and is one of the most trusted brands in this field. The customers have been consuming it for years without any harsh effect and hence, is trusted by the lot.


Myriam’s Hope CBD uses the most authentic and organic ingredients and does not use any added chemicals in its products. This has also been proven in several tests and lab tests as well which can be seen on the official website of Myriam’s Hope CBD. The products of Myriam’s Hope CBD are 100% authentic and organic. Myriam’s Hope CBD does not use any added chemicals as ingredients and that is why the products are safer to use in comparison to the products from other brands.


A lower amount of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC determines the safety of a CBD product. Myriam’s Hope CBD products have an absolutely low level of THC that is the prescribed and authorized amount one is allowed to have.

So, if you are confused as to how to identify genuine and authentic Myriam’s Hope CBD from other brands, these were the tips that you could easily follow.

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Maria Wilson is a health expert in London, UK. She loves swimming, reading books and cooking.