Usually, when you need to upgrade, modify or replace your motherboard you may need to know some details about it like its manufacturer, version, etc. I thought this is only possible by opening your computer. Well, I just leant today that I can do it without getting into my computer’s hardware, so today’s article is about knowing the motherboard information of your computer without unscrewing it. Check out these easy steps given below.

Use Command Prompt on Windows

Go to your windows search bar at the bottom of your desktop screen and type “Command Prompt”.

Command Prompt will appear in the search results just above the search bar. Right-click on Command Prompt from the results.

Click “Run as administrator” from the list of options appeared.

Enter your password, if prompted.

Type this into the Command Prompt: “wmic baseboard get product, manufacturer, version, serialnumber”

Click “Enter’ from the keyboard

Now all the information about the manufacturer, product, serial number, and version will appear on your screen.

If you need more information, you can use the information you have received and enter that information with the word “motherboard” into the browser search engine.

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