How To Ignore Your Ex To Get Him Back: Ignoring An Ex That Dumped You

"Should I ignore ex-boyfriend to get him back?" The most common mistakes that women make after the breakup is to plead their ex to return back. But on the contrary it pushes the ex further away. So stop following him today! How to make my ex boyfriend want me back is what most women are searching the answer for.

There are certain things that you may need to do and follow in order to start attracting your ex boyfriend back. Some of these things include:

Ignore and minimize contact - If you are looking forward to getting back your ex boyfriend then make sure that you ignore your ex-boyfriend and minimize your contacts with him. I know it sounds wired but believe me it works.

"Ignore ex-boyfriend to get him back" is what you have to do. Immediately after the breakup you are anxious to call him to check how he is doing and what are his future intention but hold yourself as this will make you sound desperate which will take him further away from you.

Instead give him some time alone so that he develops the feeling of loneliness and misses you. Give him some space so that he heals and is ready to unite again. By constantly calling or emailing him you will terrorize him away. If he gives you a call try not to pick it up immediately and even if you want to call him back just hold on to your emotions.

The trick is to pretend that by his breaking up, you are not completely devastated but are self independent and have other things in life to look forward to. You should not sound or look like looser as who would want to be around such person. Would you like a begging and pleading guy attractive in terms of personality? Just try and act normal as this will make him guessing whether dumping you was his lose or your gain.

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Forget everything you know, and everything that just happened and drop your depression at the door; because you are about to get your ex back. They may have just dumped you, but you are about to pull your ex back, no matter how nasty your breakup was. You see, there are a few key things that your ex wants; and because he/she was fed up they broke up with you. Whereas, if you had done these sooner, the breakup would have never happened. Here is what you must do to get your ex back if he/she has broken up with you...

Accept it - They did leave you, and? - Don't sit around becoming a loser because of it! Instead, accept it, and in fact thank your ex for it! This is a little game you can play to use reverse psychology on your ex. How it works, is that basically you agree with what your ex wants and you give them what they want. If it's space, you get the heck away! If it's time, you give them time! Whatever the case is, you must just accept it, so that your ex feels like you are moving on quickly. That will scare him/her into fearing they are going to lose you.

Rejection hurts - so create more of it! - So your ex is fearing that he/she is losing you; because suddenly you are agreeing with them about being apart! They will wonder if you have found someone new, and will wonder why they are no longer so important in your life. This will hurt their ego so much, that they will go nuts to get you back, just to stop the feeling of rejection. However, all you have to do to really get your ex chasing you, is to ignore them completely. No more phone calls, emails, and no more answering their phone calls either!

The cherry topper - jealousy makes them chase you - Once you have established that you accept what he/she wants, and you appear to be moving on; the cherry topper is to simply start dating one of your ex's friends. This will throw your ex into jealousy so hard, and so fast; that you will find your ex begging you to end the relationship; and get back together with him/her. Your ex will not be able to stand the sight of you with someone else; and will not be able to stand the idea of one of his/her friends having you.

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If you are like many women, there is a good chance that you are totally frantic after your break up. Making contact to trying to get your ex boyfriend back is the be-all and end-all of your daily existence. You don't hear what other people are suggesting to you, don't listen and consider some of the advice you are given, there is only one thing on your mind - get back together again at all costs!

Now while it is perfectly understandable that you are upset by the situation you are in, it is really mind-boggling to think that you actually believe that begging, crying, and pleading to be taken back is going to do the trick. Don't you realize just how off-putting this is?

Getting your ex boyfriend back will be a whole lot easier if you can impress your ex so much, that he basically has no other option but to take you back again. So get rid of all those negative feelings and ideas that are almost driving you insane. Change your whole attitude to a more positive one, and your chances to get your ex boyfriend back will rise dramatically.

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Obviously you can't do this overnight - it's a slow process and will take some time so be prepared to exercise patience. If you make an effort and start going out with your friends again, you will be amazed at how quickly you begin to feel like your old self again.

Why not give yourself a complete makeover as well - this is so good for your self-esteem, and will make you feel absolutely great again. Isn't it logical that, if you are feeling good about yourself, your ex will also see the beauty in you as well?

So go for it! Climb out of the depths of despair you're in, get out and have fun with your friends, make sure you look as good as you can, and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't get your ex boyfriend back. Just like I did!

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This is going to sound quite strange, but there is a good chance that your boyfriend cut and run because you were too interested in him. As a woman, when we love, we love with all of our hearts, and though we don't mean to be stifling, it can feel a bit smothering to a man. If he isn't sure he is ready to make a long-term commitment to you, chances are, this behavior makes him feel even more uncomfortable - even though you meant well - to the point where he decided to split. So if you really want to get your ex boyfriend's attention fixed on you again, give him what he wants, and make yourself scarce.

Men can be a bit "weird" when it comes to commitment - they want to be absolutely sure before they take the plunge to make a long-term tie to a woman. You have to be understanding of this and be willing to take the relationship at a much slower pace so as to not make him feel pressured. If you are smothering him with love and affection all the time, he's going to get the impression that you are expecting too much, too soon, and will head for the door at first opportunity.

What if he has moved on? Here's how to get him back.

To get your ex boyfriend's attention fixed on you again, it is important that you do not let him see you fall apart. If you cannot hold it together - this is natural! - do it in private and do not make him the shoulder you cry on.

Grab a group of your closest friends and hit the town. It's even better if you can avoid the places you know your ex boyfriend frequents so you can really let loose and have a good time. Your absence is not going to go without notice, and when he hears that you are going out, and you are looking darn good while your at it, you are definitely going to get your ex boyfriend's attention fixed on you again. He's going to want to get in touch with you to find out what has been going on in your life.

Chances are he'll get to a point where he can't take it anymore - you've been successful in your efforts to get your ex boyfriend's attention fixed on you again - and he will contact you and suggest a meet up. Take things slow and be sure that in time, you'll get your ex boyfriend back, for good.

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