Most guys have many disappointments from pretty girl before they eventually learn how to approach and get them to fall in love. Most guys keep wondering about how to
Impress a girl a get her to feel super-gut-level attraction and most times they take a very wrong approach to the whole affair.

I just want to pass across a point, if you want to date pretty girls and get them to show
up on a date you have to learn to approach them from a tough and confident guy point of view.

Have you waited before in a restaurant for hours while the pretty girl you were supposed to meet kept saying "I am on my way," Have you had a cancelled dates before... at the last minute? Why do you think girls keep cancelling on you? do you think it has something to do with your looks or color?

How do you get a girl to love you madly with wild abandon? is it even possible to achieve that?

Several years back, over ten years ago during my high school days I fell madly in love with a pretty girl and did everything I could to make her happy, it worked. But at some point the relationship started dwindling, it got to a stage that I was literally begging her to pick my calls.

I once fell miserably at dating and relationship but I learned eventually from my mistake, I started acting like a real man, I started acting like every girl's dream man. I changed from the love starved dude to the most sought after guy at my university.

Most guys often end up with cancelled date simply because they often ask the wrong way. I stressed extensively how necessary it really is to ask women out from a real man stand point, most guys literally beg girls to go out on a date with them.

While women chase the tough guys.

Most guys tend to impress girl through several awkward and mundane techniques.
When you beg a pretty girl to go out on a date with you and then call her every hour to remind her there is every tendency that she would end up cancelling the date.

Women test men they are dating through our approach, body language and level of confident. It is generally believed that people with low confident often have very little to offer, and women think in that regard.

Why do you think the nice guy gets dumped while the bad guy keeps coming home with
a different girl every other day, the reason is simple. Pretty girls are reserved for the tough and confident guys, these guys appear to know what they are doing they give women a sense of security and serenity.
So here is the final message;

If you really want women to show up as agreed, you need to start giving them the impression that you know what you are doing, improve your self-confident and learn a bit of self control. You don't need to answer each time you are called because you are the man and you should have some self respect

This is how to impress girls and stop them from cancelling on you.

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Dave Anan is the world number one dating coach He has written a lot about Women Body Languages, games women play in relationships and about dating generally and here is a more detailed article on Dating Nigerian Girls