Valentine's Day is usually a day in which people convey their love to one another by presenting gifts, such as cards, candy, flowers and other symbols of love or fondness. There is a celebration on the valentine day so that all lovers and couples can take pleasure in and express their feelings to one whom they love. However the history of Valentine’s Day and the patron Saint behind it is wearing a veil in obscurity but we treat month of February as the month of romance. This day occupies shared exchange of Valentines. In 2011, the valentine day fall on the day of Monday on 14th February. The valentine day 2011 is not only fun to give, but to plan and execute. It will sure win-win situation. Many loved ones rejoice by presenting flowers, gifts, offering candies, sending e cards, sending love messages. It is a wonderful prospect to forget all the stress and enjoy in the majesty of love.
Chinese New Year widely known as Spring Festival in the western countries is the most important festival and a public holiday in China. The chinese new year 2011 begins in 3rd February. It is also called the year of rabbit. The Chinese New Year falls on usually falls on the first day of the first lunar month normally late January and early February and ends with the lantern festival which is on the 15th day. During this festival, people of China host traditional and contemporary Chinese entertainment such as dance, music and acrobatics as well as firecrackers, Chinese dragons and lions. Chinatown will be busy with particular decorations, stalls, food and lion dance displays. All family carefully cleans the house, sweeps up the floors and washes daily things. House cleaning has believed to oblige away bad luck and bring good luck in the coming year. Windows and doors have usually decorated with red paper-cuts and couplets.
Easter is a great moment to see the family, make plans, spring fresh the house and get ready for the summer days forward. There are many essences of Easter by bring together some fresh ideas, tips and offers to make this easter day 2011 special. The Easter holiday moves about each year because the real Easter date is calculated by choosing the first Sunday after the full moon following the spring equinox. The Easter day fall on 24th April in the year of 2011. Easter Day has many traditions as Easter egg, Easter bunny and Easter basket. Easter egg hunts and giving gifts are common activities on this holiday. The 2011 Horoscope has made on the astrological table which gives and explains about your good times and bad times. Horoscope of each person depends on his or her zodiac sign. Zodiac sign of a person rules the nature and fortune of a person. All twelve zodiac signs that oversee the personality traits of people are in revolve governed by some basic elements. The 2011 astrology predict has much less worrying astrological aspects than 2010; in fact there are no main aspects between the outer planets. The 2011 calendar remind us every event that falls in the year 2011. This can be very useful if you are looking for a particular date as holidays or maybe you want to know what the week number of a date in 2011 is. If you need more details about above topic, must visit our web portal.

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