A good memory power is an essential component for leading a healthy happy life in today's busy environment. As the world progress, there are many brain tonics available in market for improving brain memory fast. Here are some tips by which you can improve your brain memory fast. Following a healthy balanced diet is the number one solution suggested by physicians for enhancing the concentration power of brain. Try to include green leafy vegetables as much as possible in your diet. Inclusion of vitamin C, vitamin B and protein rich foods in diet boosts your memory capacity. Food items containing artificial sugars and saturated sugar food items are some of the suggested food items to avoid for proper functioning of brain.

When you are preparing food, add a little of spice to your recipe. Spices like cinnamon, turmeric and ginger helps in activating your brain cells. Stress, developed as a result of family problems, disease or financial problems is an important villain of brain memory. Make yourself tension free and stress free by saving time for doing some interested activities. You can select your own hobbies like gardening, watching TV, cooking and playing games for reducing stress. Researches made on improving memory capacity suggest that music therapy is a best remedial measure to relieve stress. Regular doing of yoga exercise seems to be very useful in reducing blood pressure. Patients with memory loss disorders are often advised to take breathing exercises of yoga so as to improve their brain function.

Solving puzzles is a best way by which you can improve your brain memory power. Regular playing of games and solving of brain twisting questions helps in thinking process and creates a drastic change in your memory power. Now there are many websites exclusively done for solving puzzles and playing games. Scheduling at least half an hour of your day for physical exercise is yet another solution for improving brain memory power. Regular doing of physical exercises helps in refreshing your body and mind. It also promotes easier blood circulation and makes you alert. Remembering things by means of association is a fine way to improve your brain memory. You can associate new things with any other familiar things so as to increases the memory power. Associating with numbers, alphabets, people and stories are some ways by which you can increase your memory capacity. Studies say that learning new things is one among the hints for boosting your brain memory.

When you learn new things, try to repeat it again and again so as to fix it in your brain. Try to have a cup of coffee everyday for boosting your brain memory. Presence of caffeine, major component in coffee stimulates memory power of brain fast. Today, many herbal remedies for low memory are easily available in market. Lack of side effect is the main advantage in using these natural remedies. Gingko biloba herb is a natural remedy for low memory power. Consumption of cod liver oil, rich in omega 3 fat helps in better growing power of brain cells. Cod liver oil is now commonly available in the form of capsules. Following a healthy lifestyle with good sleep and medications helps a lot to improve brain memory fast.

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