Whenever someone hands over money they are a customer. Whether they pay for advice, a tangible end product or a service, they are a client or customer.

One area that is frequently overlooked in terms of customer experience is that of investors. Investors, the critical players in the global economy.

Whether the provider is a bank, a financial advisor or an Angel investment group, the person handing over the cash is still a customer. Happy investment customers need to know the following:

Advisor Expertise
The competence of the advisor and his or her track record is core to the successful outcome of any successful customer experience. When the customer knows that the advisor is competent and experienced they have more confidence in the process and will feel happier with the outcome. Ensuring your advisors are well trained, experienced and have empathy with the client or customer will go a long way to ensuring the reassurance an investment customer needs.

Proven return on investment
Everyone wants value for money. An investor however is more likely to be picky. The whole objective of handing over their cash is to turn it into more cash. A good track record when advising on where to invest money is an absolute must. Previously tried and tested areas of investment with good returns make a sound foundation for developing new investment portfolios. A good example of this can be seen in the mobile home park investment market.

Investor Education and Empowerment
When an investor is placing a substantial amount of his or her investment capital into a particular portfolio, they usually want to know something about where their money is going and what gains will be realised within any given time period. Rather than provide copious notes and brochures, one of the most novel ways to bring investors up to speed quickly is to empower them with education.
When an investor understands with a moderate degree of depth what they are getting into, the terminology and jargon are not overwhelming and they can enjoy watching their investment grow with a knowledge base that will encourage them to return. Empowering a customer is a sure way to enhance their experience and to see them return again and again.

Education resources such as the ones found at “Wealth Beyond Wall Street”, also help the investor develop a niche portfolio that they like in particular.

Relationship management
Combining proven return on investment and a solid approach to investor education with sound CRM skills and processes will mean that a helpdesk guide for customer experiences a desire to look nowhere else for their next taste at investment.

Quick response times, provision of accurate information and seamless processes, particularly where form filling and identification verification is involved all contribute to bringing a positive experience to a close.
Most people including wealthy investors have lives to live so when their time spent on investigating an investment opportunity is quick, painless and informative and involves good customer service, You can be sure that they will be back for more.

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