This article will explain the prerequisites for a good memory, how it is commonly enhanced amongst American and British citizens in the form of medications, and finally, how to improve memory power with the cheaper and healthier alternative of brain entrainment.

Memory is be one of the most important qualities that a person can possess. It's ability to function in a cognitively efficient manner however, depends upon a healthy state of mind. For example, memory loss can occur as a result of stress or physical exhaustion. It is therefore imperative that both body and mind must both be in a relaxed state for perfect memory recall.

So how does one improve memory power? There are many medications available on the market to assist in this area, but they come with several disadvantages. Firstly, they offer only temporary results, making no lasting impression on the psyche. Secondly, as will most medications, there are many side effects associated with them. What would be more advantageous is a tool which is capable of permanently restructuring the psyche in order that it may retain information better, without sacrificing physical health as is the case with medications.

This alternative is provided in the form of brain entrainment. With this auditory phenomenon, a wide range of frequencies are fed into the brain, inducing states of awareness conductive to programming and positive reinforcement. A mass of potential is unleashed as these frequency waves clear blockages within the mind, enabling one to think clearly and deeply for longer periods. As the ability to concentrate increases, the brain's becomes more proficient at storing large amounts of information. Brain entrainment will essentially clear all the obstacles preventing your mind from functioning to its full potential.

Scientific studies show that brain entrainment can significantly improve memory power within individuals suffering from dyslexia, which is a learning disability characterised by difficulties in reading, spelling and in some cases, arithmetic. They therefore often lag behind their peers in terms of grasping school lessons. In one experiment, this particular technique was introduced to a group of these children. Over a period of time, they found it increasingly easier to focus in class, and therefore understand their teachers better. In turn, their increased focus and understanding meant they were able to retain large amounts of information. By the end of the experiment, they had even caught up with the standards of their peers.

One of the advantages of brain entrainment is that it is so diverse in its potential uses. It can in-fact be used to cure insomnia, aid in weight loss, quell anxiety etc., but its fundamental usage is in the field of memory enhancement, in which it has proved to be an unequivocal success. The power of the human brain is inconceivably vast, and this tool enables one to effectively unleash untapped potential.

What I really like to see is the effect that brain entrainment has on people over time. With persistence and tenacity, there is no reason why you can't experience noticeable results after a few weeks.

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My name is Francesco Antonio Costabile. My aim is to establish a greater recognition of the brain entrainment phenomenon to a wider audience, informing people of its potentialities as an effective mode of self improvement and psychotherapy.

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