One of the most important "ingredients", if not the most important in your image as a man, and eventually in your success to attract women, is your confidence and the way you convey it externally.

Having confidence allows you to remain calm and relaxed. Being confident, allows you to overcome any limits and fears (such as the fear of approach) that prevent you from "being yourself" and acting as you wish to act.

But how can you show that your confidence when you actually lack it? In fact, there are methods to improve your feeling of confidence easily, without any psychological tricks.
Fake It Till You Make It
One of the easiest and fastest methods to achieve high confidence, is by imitating attractive men – in other words – fake it till you make it.

There are certain beliefs that attractive men possess, and that make them feel extremely confident and attractive.

Attractive men don't really pay attention to those beliefs, as they are strongly embedded inside their mind. They have attractive body language and they show and express their confidence to every person they meet.

However, you can use and accept those beliefs, so that you feel the same feeling of confidence.

Here is a list of 20 behavior patterns, that by adopting them, you will immediately feel confident and calm. Each of these patterns represents a specific belief or idea of attractiveness.

1. You are calm and never hurry.
2. Your movements are slow and easy.
3. Your muscles are relaxed and never tensed. Change to a different position if you don't feel fully relaxed.
4. You stand straight, and your head is always looking slightly up.
5. You don't smile a lot, but you do smile in the right moments.
6. Your outfit is clean and tidy. All your clothes fit each other by color and size.
7. You never miss opportunities – you can't allow it to yourself.
8. You speak clearly with pauses, creating interest before your next sentence.
9. You are not afraid of silence in the conversation – if you are with a girl, use this time to check her behavior.
10. You don't doubt whatever your said previously.
11. You have your own opinions and are not affected by what others think.
12. You believe that everything will happen the way you want.
13. You don't exaggerate with anything.
14. You don't "reveal your cards" immediately, even if someone asks you otherwise.
15. You don't laugh of your own jokes.
16. You are decisive about your own decisions.
17. You are optimistic and positive about life in general.
18. You have your honor.
19. You have honor towards others, but you don't allow them to use or to put pressure on you.
20. Your next steps are pre-planned. And if they are not, you act if they are.

Get Used To Your New Belief System

The above list is great to start from. It's a list of beliefs that successful men possess. If you heard about NLP theories – they are basically methods to imitate successful people.

Men often ask me about attractiveness, how to be an alpha male, and what basically attracts women. Well, the answer is that there are many tactics and methods – but in the most basic aspect, women are attracted to male confidence.

So this list is going in the same direction – using beliefs of men who are confident and successful around women – to get that same feeling of confidence.

I suggest that you print or write down this list, and try to implement each one of them. You won't believe how your internal feelings will change after you do so.

Author's Bio: 

Richard Liso is a fan of personal improvement and male success with women. He also owns his personal blog about dating and attraction.