Proper dental hygiene is essential, and a Sleepy Hollow dentist is the one person best suited to help you improve your oral hygiene.

However, there is much you can do on your own to improve your oral hygiene including:

Pick the Right Brush

Improving your oral hygiene starts with choosing the right brush. The type of brush you use makes a significant difference to your oral hygiene.

You should choose a toothbrush with soft and long bristles. You want the bristles of the brush to penetrate even the smallest of gaps between your teeth.

If you can get a toothbrush with crisscross bristles, that will be even better, as they have a larger surface area than regular ones.

A good brush will probably cost you more than a regular one. However, the benefits to your oral hygiene far outweigh the cost of buying a good brush.

Floss Regular

You should ideally floss your teeth after every meal, or as often as you brush. However, very few people are able to accomplish that goal.

Flossing makes a tremendous difference to your oral hygiene as it is able to accomplish some things that brushing does not. It specifically helps remove the tiny bits of food that stick between your teeth close to your gums.

You should ensure that you use a new line of floss every time you do it. You should also floss at least twice every day.

Use Mouthwash Regularly

Just as flossing reaches where your toothbrush won’t, mouthwash reaches places where both flossing and brushing won’t. Since it is a liquid, it can pass through even the tiniest of oral cavities.

You should remember that your teeth make up only about a quarter of your mouth. Other parts like your tongue, gums and palate make up the rest and still need cleaning.

Brushing the rest of your mouth other than your teeth is quite uncomfortable, hence the use of mouthwash. There are a lot of mouthwash brands out there, so you should talk to your dentist about your choice.

Correct Your Dental Structure

One of the reasons your oral hygiene may be suffering is that your dental structure is getting in the way. If you have misaligned or broken teeth, it may be contributing to your poor oral hygiene.

The spaces in between your teeth are where most of the bacteria lies. Therefore, it is in your best interest to reduce the spaces where bacteria multiply.

Your gums are also crucial to your oral hygiene. Any deformity in your gums should be corrected if you are to have great dental hygiene.

Avoid Poor Lifestyle Habits

Though you may take great care of your teeth, there are certain lifestyle habits that may be impeding your oral hygiene. If you change them, your mouth would be impeccable.

The most potent lifestyle habits that damage our teeth pertain to what we eat and drink. You should avoid sugary foods and drinks at all cost as they are the most destructive.

You should also avoid smoking and drinking coffee which will stain and weaken your teeth. 

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