How To Improve Your Married Life: How To Improve Marriage Without Talking About It

Just because you've got married that does not mean that it is the end of the story, it's just the beginning. When you start out you don't know everything about your spouse, and what it takes to be a good spouse, that can only come with experience. As your relationship grows and deepens you might notice things that you can do to improve things. I suppose it goes without saying that if you can make your spouse happy then you make yourself happy as well. There are so many things that you can do to improve your married life that you could write a book on them. Just keep an eye out for them as different marriages have different needs.

If you want to have any kind of relationship it is imperative that you communicate with one another, because if you don't you have nothing holding you together. If you lead a busy life it can be far to easy to get stuck into a routine where you barely communicate. Try and set aside part of the day when you talk. Try have your evening meal together, take your time over it and just talk. If you don't already then talk about scary subjects such as feelings and emotions, it will not only bring you closer together but it will also help you to understand your spouse much more.

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Do you upset your spouse when on occasion you do not listen to what they have to say. You will improve your married life greatly if you can show your spouse that what they have to say is important to you. It's not easy to listen because the mind has an irritating habit of thinking out your response so it is possible to miss or misunderstand what is being said. If you mind is drifting, your body language tends to give you away, and your spouse will think that you do not care about their views. So look at your spouse when they are talking and don't interrupt. If you do not understand something then ask questions until you do, but otherwise listen and learn.

You want to enjoy your life together so find things to do together. If you already go on dates then wonderful, but do you always do the same old things again and again? To keep life interesting seek out new things to do and see. Don't limit yourself to following a routine, there is a whole world of opportunity just waiting for you to find it. You don't have to do anything expensive you can go for walks or a coffee. If you fancy something different you can take a class or try out each others interests. The important thing is that you are having a great time, sharing experiences together. It's not always easy to find the time to be alone, so synchronize schedules and plan in advance.

Do you tell each other that you love each other, and how much you appreciate each other? If you do it's probably not nearly enough. If you don't tell them that you love them then how will they know? You can give your married life a real boost if you keep finding ways to let your spouse know how much you love them. Just telling them that you love them is nice, but it is an overly abused phrase. If you add actions to your words then it will have a lot more impact and it will mean a whole lot more. So hug or kiss your spouse and tell them that you love them. You can leave notes for them to find, or call them during the day. Find things to do that will make them happy such as washing their car or doing the housework. You can give small gifts, nothing expensive, just a small token of your affection. It could be a single red rose or a candy bar, just whatever springs to mind.

It doesn't take that much to improve your married life, just a willingness to do what you can for your spouse without expecting anything in return. Treat each other with respect and don't keep any secrets. Accept each other for who you are, and accept your relationship for what it is, if you can do then you can start creating something really special.

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Has your marriage become draining and without finding help in marriage you fear that divorce is on the horizon? Sometimes you might feel as though your marriage is in the midst of a terrible storm with no relief in sight. The one thing that you can't do is give up.

I recently watched on the news a story about some fishermen whose boat ran into a terrible storm and their boat capsized very quickly. It's hard to believe that some of the men swam 8 to 16 hours to survive the ordeal. Many of the men felt like giving up but determined that living was better than dying in the middle of the ocean. Unfortunately some of the fishermen gave up and didn't make it. Don't let your marriage die.

If you need help in marriage to make it through the ups and downs you are experiencing in your marriage, please read some of the suggestions outline below.

Help In Marriage Tip #1 - Develop Some Thick Skin

One trait that most of us have is that we can dish it out but we don't like to take it. Somehow we miss the times when we are rude, annoying, arrogant, irritating and down right offensive. Very often we only see that out spouse has done something that we can't stand and it irks us to no end. Perhaps you are one of those spouses who easily gets upset at something your spouse said or did to you. My suggestion is that you learn how to brush these things off and move forward. If you don't, your marriage will forever be stuck in a rut.

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Help In Marriage Tip #2 - Learn How To Please Your Spouse

Do you feel as though you know your spouse's likes and dislikes? Might I ask, when was the last time that you checked? It is quite possible that what use to make your spouse happy, no longer does. Marriage can become mundane and boring when couples stop asking questions and stop trying to find new ways to make their soul mate feel appreciated and loved. Please take a little time and find out if your spouse has changed and adjust what you do or how you interact with him or her accordingly.

Help In Marriage Tip #3 - Let Problems Of The Past Remain There

It is very common for couples to bring up old issues when dealing with a current marital issue. The natural behavior when fighting is to use every weapon that you have at your disposal to win the fight. However, in a marriage it's important to remember that your spouse is not your enemy. You are on the same team and need to always remember that your goal should be to fight to keep your marriage and not end it. If you continuously bring up the past it will limit your ability to see a bright future together.

Help In Marriage Tip #4 - Never Stop The Intimacy In Your Marriage

I'm pretty certain that one of the things that got you and your spouse together was the physical attraction you had toward one another. I don't mean to be insulting but if I had to place a wager I would bet that your sex life was better in the beginning of your marriage than it is now. You have it within your power to fix this. Sometimes, couples use there problems as an excuse to no longer be intimate or at least passionate about intimacy. Sharing time alone i.e., talking, caressing and doing whatever you like to do, will go a long way in helping your marriage make it through the rough times. Don't take a timeout from intimacy.

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"How do I fix my marriage?" Whoever asks this question should first be commended for actually trying to fix their marriages instead of doing nothing and accepting a divorce. Marriages are the holiest of institutions, the core piece of any nation. Without a strong core, no nation can claim prosperity - it will fall apart. That is why the extremely high divorce rates are bothering me so much. So I commend you for at least searching for ways on fixing your broken marriage rather than just accepting to become another divorce statistic.

Fixing your marriage is not an easy thing to do, but there is certainly no lack of things you can do to save your marriage. There are so many places to start, but as always, the best place to start is by looking at ourselves.

How Do I Fix My Marriage?

I am sure that you feel one of the following two: A.) It's all your fault B.) It's all his fault.

It is obvious that neither of those can be true. Sure, the blame doesn't have to be 50-50% on all cases, and it's probable that one of you two was more responsible for the breaking of your marriage. However, that doesn't make the other side completely innocent, and for sure doesn't give them the right to blame the other.

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So, stop the blame game and start thinking how you can improve things. Did you know that the number one problem with marriages is that either one or both of the spouses take the other for granted? It's so true - and is the fundamental problem in more than half of all the divorces.

Did you stop appreciating your spouse? Or did your spouse stop appreciating you? Both of them are very damaging to the marriage - and can cause a lot of arguments that can flare up easily, turning into nasty fights.

If you come to the realization that you don't show your appreciation to your spouse anymore, then you can simply start doing so. It is easy to make your spouse feel appreciated.

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If your wife seems to be slipping through your fingers then you obviously need some good solid troubled marriage help.

This happens very often when the husband doesn't even realize it's happening.

This isn't a very nice surprise is it?

How to Get Troubled Marriage Help That Will Bring Your Wife Back...

Since I've began helping people and talking about my marriage troubles, I've heard from a lot of people, seemingly husbands mostly, who find out once it's too late that their wife has been quietly slipping away. Is this what's happened to you?

Why us men don't seem to notice these things until it's too late is beyond me. I think it's very likely that it's because of the fact that we're just not as emotionally in touch so instead of sensing these things instinctively, we need to be hit over the head basically with them. But what do you to as far as troubled marriage advice once this does hit you over the head like a ton of bricks?

Well first of all you've got to stop and assess the situation and figure out exactly what the problem is that you wife has with you. Of course the obvious thing is to just ask right? Well sometimes that doesn't help because your wife will stonewall you and not express her feeling. Why would she do that?

Could be a number of reasons! She might not understand how to express her feelings. She might actually care about your feelings and not want to hurt them. Or she may just not feel like arguing about it. Now do you want to know the most important thing that you shouldn't do either way?

You shouldn't be aggressive in your questioning. You certainly want the answers but yelling and screaming at all will not help you, so refrain from that no matter how frustrating it gets. Because either way could trigger some outrage, either not getting the answers that you're trying to get, or getting the answers that you didn't want to ever get. Either way you must accept this calmly and with a cool head or things will just get worse and getting troubled marriage help will be even more of an urgency.

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Troubled Marriage Help for When You Find Out the Problems That's Causing Your Wife to Slip Away...

Once you find out what it is then it's time to figure out if the changes that it will require are a) something that you'd be willing to make and b) changes that you CAN make. Are these reasonable changes your wife is requesting in other words?

For instance if your wife is telling you that you're working too much then can you actually get out of work or is this impossible due to your circumstances? How about if she tells you that your head is still at work when you get home, and that you're a big grouch and after years of this she's harboring some resentment?

In that case then it's probably a good idea to figure out how to wind down before you get home, or maybe take about 10 minutes from the time you walk in the door and go to your room and try to calm down and get your head at home. Sounds like logical troubled marriage advice right?

These are first the types of things that you're going to have to find out from your wife, and then decide if and how you can change them. Next you'll want to set up checkpoints where you wife will let you know how you're doing. You may be able to tell right away with some things simply from your wife's attitude, but depending on her personality you may have to ask.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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