Getting fresh air is also very important as eating food and drinking water. If we do exercise and get fresh air, then we will remain fit and healthy. Believe me; it is a crucial factor of your life.

In this article, I am going to explain to you what are the benefits of getting fresh air and how it could improve our mind and body.

Benefits of getting fresh air

I am going to talk about two considerable advantages in detail. So, keep reading to learn them.
1. It improves Immune system
2. It sharpens mind

Now, we will discuss them in detail.

Improves Immune System

If you go outside for the exercise and get fresh air, then it will not only strengthen your body muscles but also helps in improving your immune system. Your body will get more power and resistance to fight against diseases. And you will live a healthy and happy life. Exercises could help in increasing your white blood cells which fight against germs and other attacks to the body. The more the exercise you do, the more white blood cells your body generates and hence more resistant your body is against the diseases. So in this way getting fresh air helps in improving your immune system.

It sharpens Mind

Many doctors suggest the children and students take part in outdoor activities instead of sitting in front of the computer and playing indoor games. Because when you play outside, then your body gets fresh air and hence your brain gets more oxygen, and this will make you intelligent and smarter. Oxygen is the main component of fresh air which is required most by our body. And when our brain gets fresh oxygen then it works at its best.

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