You can meet your needs and live, you can put your natural gifts to work and be full of strength. Let your passion inspire you to do all things right and motivate yourself towards bringing out the best in you. Love yourself and let it motivate you in a greater way to love another.

Achieve greater results and be successful in this life. Let your personal significance and ability empower you to rule the system that drives the progress of humanity. Be idealistic and realistic! Be hopeful, pioneering and creative. Always anticipate the best as you achieve sustainable results.

Be strategic and think beyond the depth of ordinary, have long-term perspective that will enable you set expectations with your mind`s eye. See possibilities in all things and manifest principle-centered power in all you do.

Be hard-working and self-disciplined! Be decisive, tenacious, competent and smart. Be willing to sacrifice your time and take initiative with consistent execution of strategies as you bring your vision into reality.

Be optimistic, synergistic, courageous, fearless, emphatic, sensitive, affirming, motivating and influential. Handle every challenging situation and live the life of ease. Have strength of conviction that is not ordinary and be full of drive that will sustain your discipline to achieve the vision. Be enthusiastic, intuitive, wise, ethical, inspired, cause-oriented, and moral to build a state of being upright.

Take responsibility and have inward moral sense of knowing the right thing to do towards achieving personal greatness. Have a form of intelligence that is meaningful, and acceptable. Increase your productive set of thoughtful inspiration, determination, enthusiasm, ability and skills. Increase your critical thinking and enhance your executive intelligence as you take yourself from where you are now to where you want to be. Let your ability to think and learn increase people`s acumen.

Exhibit the process of manifesting your knowledge, know-how and acquaintance. Increase your dynamic explanation and estimation of attention. Enhance your process of interchange and cogitation through an effective mental attitude. Perfect your intellectual attitude, intuition and mental power as you perfect your ideas. Exercise your powers of logical reasoning, build your strategies to track and schedule your time so that you can set yourself on your way of achievement.

Time management is an area of your life you cannot do without because it influences the entirety of your achievement. Effectively work in systematic and efficient way as you get things done. It is time to improve yourself, start with your goals and dreams. Increase your intelligence and enhance your effective time management, it is a life worth living.

Copyright, Anyaele Sam Chiyson

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