Proper diet, support of suitable herbs and healthy lifestyle are three ways to increase female libido safely and without any side effects on overall health, with these three measures women facing menopausal symptoms can also continue to enjoy their love life. Improper care, untimely diet, undernourished diet, poor lifestyle, lack of exercises, stress and lack of relaxation are few silent but very harmful causes of lack of libido in females. Use of oral contraceptives medical conditions like problems related to uterus, irregular periods, scanty periods, poor thyroid gland functioning etc are other causes which can wipe away a woman's desire to love and get loved. Inclusion of certain food items in the diet and herbs can calm ill-effects of all of these conditions on reproductive system to increase female libido effectively.

Asparagus is very potent herb and has been used since ancient times to increase female libido. This herb can be used as a part of regular diet, it supplements the body with vital vitamins like E, B6, A and C and also important substances like folic acid, fiber, thiamine and potassium. All of these together can reenergize and resurrect woman's reproductive system to increase female libido. Celery is another herb which is easily available but has magical properties to increase female libido, two-three sticks of celery can do wonders to bring back the lost lust of a woman in no time.

One teaspoon of flaxseeds with the diet or during the day supplement the body with vital omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, these fatty acids are building blocks of hormones. Most of the woman suffer with low libido due to lack of proper hormone secretion mostly occurring due to stress and strains of monthly cycle, supplementation of fatty acids work as wonderful treatment to increase female libido in all such cases. Another very old and trusted way to increase female libido is by increased intake of ginger, honey and garlic in the diet. Eating a small piece of ginger with a teaspoon of honey is very useful as ginger improves blood circulation, improves digestion, purifies blood and increase libido whereas honey provides a burst of energy and initiate better metabolism of estrogen and higher secretion of testosterone. Garlic is good appetizer and also improves circulation of blood to the genitals to increase female libido.

Two bananas and a glass of milk in the breakfast can take care of most of the health problems of a woman. Banana is an excellent source of vital minerals and vitamins, it supplies good doses of potassium and riboflavin and other B vitamins. All of these are very useful for maintaining woman's desire for lovemaking. Milk is necessary for maintaining energy levels and bone density for overall sound health. Fruits like avocado, soy products, nutmeg and clove shall also be included in the diet plan to keep problems related to reproductive system at bay and enjoy a passionate love life for a longer period in life.

Oysters and almonds are very good sources of zinc, zinc is vital for testosterone production and secretion and proper supply of this hormone boost up female's desire for lovemaking and also provides necessary energy to perform. Hence these shall be included in the diet to increase female libido. Women suffering from low libido problem can use herbal supplements like Fantasy and Kamni capsules to increase libido and fertility.

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