How To Increase Penis Head Size: How Can I Grow My Penis Bigger

How exciting this year is going to be with you and your new penis hitting the clubs and maybe even finally asking that girl out for a date! You can do this and we are here to help make sure you learn how to make your penis bigger! Let's start off with some simple hand exercises that can be seen more as a warm-up routine.

Start by grasping your penis in either the left or right hand and gently contracting and loosening your penis. This is to get the blood flowing and the warmth of your hand will open up the capillaries of the skin of the penis allowing more blood to go down to your unit. Recall that blood flow is the single most important aspect of a larger and bigger penis and the only way other than surgery that your penis will become thicker. After the initial warm-up session has transpired and is about 10 to 15 minutes, it is time to start gently massaging with alternate and hands in a downward stroke toward the head of the penis.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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This exercise is referred to as the seed method and was seen as revolutionary in the early 1990's for penis enlargement. Please do not be discouraged if you do not see immediate results as these exercises take time but recall the old saying; that nothing that does not take a little extra time, is worth anything.

After a few of these repetitions every other night, you will be ready for phase two of the penis thickening process. If you haven't got excited by now it's time to get excited as your penis will become thicker and these exercises will only help that goal. You have spent your whole life with an undersized penis or the belief that your penis is too small and now it is time to do something about it. As usual with any hand penis stretching exercise, you must use quality lubrication before a single stroke is mandated. After you have become comfortable with these hand penis stretching exercises, it is time to start looking at a goal.

The first goal in your mind is that this enlargement will be achieved in the next month or so. A nice starting to increase your penis would be a quarter of an inch in girth for the first month. Although this does not sound like a very big leap it really is when you take into consideration the actual non-stimulated girth of your penis now. The size of a quarter, in diameter is a good barometer of a non-stimulated penis girth size in the average male. A quarter of an inch improvement is a humongous increase in a girth of any penis, and one swollen with blood and the three sacks that are contained within the penis, will make even more of a girth difference. Simply by thinking about the gain can help make your penis longer and thicker.

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Many men have asked the question, how can I make my penis bigger? And some men found their answer quickly while some men still seek the answer to the very same question. If you're one of those men that still seek an answer to the question posted, then don't despair, there is hope for you yet. You can still make you penis bigger, here are some easy steps you can use.

Penis Exercises

Perhaps this has been one of the more popular ones, a search through the internet will show you thousands of results that will show you how to do penis exercises in order to get a bigger penis. What is important is that you get a good quality instruction manual or video that will show you exactly how it is done so that you will have minimal errors in doing the exercises rendering it more effective and safe to do as well.

Some of these exercises are easily done while some needs more precise method. One such exercise is the penis pull or the penis stretch. The technique requires you to pull your penis by the fingers and pull it from the base to the shaft to the head or tip, the strokes shouldn't last for more than 5 secs. and it should be done consistently as well.

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Nutrition and Nutritional Supplements

You can eat foods that will allow for blood flow to be increased in the penis area as well as eat foods rich in niacin and zinc for tissue regeneration which is part of the component of increasing penis size. You can also take nutritional supplements that will help you increase penis size, supplements that are meant especially for penis enlargements can also be taken provided that the supplements used are 100 percent natural and comes from a reputable source.

It is also advisable for you to refrain from any old bad habits like intake of alcohol and too much caffeine either through coffee or soda, as this will lead to a lowered blood pressure which will also make it harder for the penis to gain more blood. There are also certain alcohols that reduce erections.

So the answer to the question how can I make my penis bigger is easily answered, through exercise, good nutrition, and healthy supplements and an overall healthy lifestyle can lead you to a more satisfying sexual life because of a longer and thicker penis size.

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Every man out there wants a bigger penis, regardless of whether he actually has a small penis or is bigger than average. Thanks to natural penis enlargement exercises, this dream is now perfectly attainable.

While there are a lot of products available in today's market that promise a bigger and longer penis, natural penis enlargement exercises would definitely be the best ways to go when it comes to this department. Not only are they all natural, but they will also ensure the utmost safety for you and your manhood at the same time.

The only big problem with natural penis enlargement exercises is trying to figure out which ones of them actually work. This means figuring out which ones won't waste your time and effort. This also means figuring out how to do each one correctly, so that you don't end up damaging your health or sex life in any way.

To help you out, here are the 4 most effective natural penis enlargement exercises out there nowadays.

1. The Basic Stretch

One worthwhile exercise to increase the length of your penis would be to simply stretch out your manhood. This is the most basic exercise of them all. All that you have to do is grip the head of your penis and stretch it out and upwards. Then, hold the stretch there for 10 seconds, rest and do the same stretch again. Do this exercise for 5 minutes a day every day for the best results. To change things up a bit, you can also choose to stretch your penis to the right or to the left every now and then instead.

2. The Backwards Pull

While this exercise is very effective, it has to be noted that it can be quite dangerous and harmful if you don't know what you're doing. So, make sure you follow these instructions to a tee in order to avoid harming your penis with this exercise. To do the exercise, slowly pull your penile skin backwards to your body with your thumb while your fingers support the shaft from underneath. Then, firmly hold this pull for around 10 seconds and keep doing the same repetitions for 5 minutes per day.

The important thing to keep in mind here would be to never hold this position for more than 10 seconds with each repetition; otherwise, you could cut off the circulation of your blood altogether and that is where the harm would come in.

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3. Kegel Exercises

Everybody knows that kegel exercises are extremely beneficial natural penis enlargement exercises. There are various reasons for this, but what not everybody knows is that these exercises can actually make a man's penis look bigger just by teaching men how to take control of their erections with time. To start this exercise, just contract your PC muscles around 30 times a day and work up to more contractions as time goes by. In time, you won't just feel the contractions, but you will also learn how to take full control of your PC muscles while you're at it.

This will result in significant increases in terms of penile girth and length as more blood goes into your manhood. This control will be very evident whenever you have sex, as well.

4. Jelqing

Before starting with these natural penis enlargement exercises, you will need to have a semi-erection first. Once you have one, simply massage your penis and pull it outwards repetitively while alternating with your hands. This will help send more blood into the tip of your penis and get you the gains that you want with time - easy peasy!

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Natural penis enlargement exercises are things that every man needs to look into if he wants to get a bigger penis in the long run. The best natural penis enlargement exercises out there, though, would be the kegel exercises, of which there are several kinds. We will touch on the easiest one today along with the benefits of kegel exercises, in general, and why you should choose them as part of your penis enlargement arsenal.

Generally speaking, kegel is just a blanket term, which can be used when talking about any exercise that men can do to improve the duration and strength of their erections. The reason why these natural penis enlargement exercises can effectively enlarge the penis is because they specifically focus on the muscles that actually control the clench and the release of the urethra, as well as the anal glands as needed.

There are various benefits to these particular natural penis enlargement exercises. For starters, they can bring about much better orgasms and significantly enhance pleasure during sexual intercourse. They can also bring about better erections. Believe it or not, a lot of men have trouble getting their penises up in bed. Well, thanks to these natural penis enlargement exercises, you won't have to resort to drugs or pills to fix this problem anymore. You can just go down the safe and natural route instead.

Urinary incontinence is another thing that kegels can help with. By training the penis, kegels can actually help prevent this condition altogether. Plus, they can strengthen the penis at the same time. The best part is that kegels do not involve any risks whatsoever. Since these exercises aren't extreme, your body won't have any trouble coping with them, nor will you experience any significant problems with them, in general. In fact, you might find yourself doing these exercises every day because they will not be troublesome to you overall.

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One of the most effective and clearly the easiest kegel exercise to date would be the washcloth exercise. All that you will need to do this exercise is a wet washcloth and, of course, your penis. While it is possible to do this particular exercise anywhere, it would be advisable to do it in the comforts of your own home since you will need to have an erection all throughout the exercise.

Having said that, you will need to get an erection to start. Once you have one, take your washcloth and place it over your erection, so that its weight will slightly push it downwards. During this time, you can then contract your PC muscles. Your goal should be to rapidly move the washcloth up and down with your penis. Generally speaking, this exercise would be best done with a damp washcloth, though. This holds especially true if you plan on doing the exercise on a regular basis.

See, once your penis gets used to doing the exercise and your muscles start to get stronger, the weight of a regular washcloth will start to feel like nothing in time. If you use a damp washcloth, you should be able to keep the challenge going and you will be able to maintain a highly powerful erection at all times.

It would be highly advisable to follow these natural penis enlargement exercises because they are very effective at keeping both incontinence and impotence at bay. Plus, if your ultimate goal is to improve the size of your penis, these exercises would be the easiest ones to do. Plus, they won't be any hassle to you since you can do them anytime and for as long or as short as a time as you'd want.

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Male enhancement is a very important subject to most men. And today, doing exercises to your penis is fast growing to be one of the most popular method of penile enhancement amongst guys all over the world. Not only is it one of the easiest and most convenient ways of making your male organ naturally grow bigger in size, it is also one of the most effective options available today.

Medical researchers have carried out studies on the effects of exercising the male organ, and found sufficient proof that it does bring about a noticeable amount of gain to the penis physique over time. But, that is not the only finding to come out of the study...

It is found there are several other benefits out of doing penis exercises on a regular basis. We name 3 of the benefits below which we find rather remarkable:

1. Helps to prevent premature ejaculation

P.E. is a very serious problem affecting many adult men. Not only does having this "condition" often leave you embarrassed in bed, but also risk having your partner leave you for a sexually better man.

Thankfully, by doing certain penis exercises, you are able to strengthen and condition your PC muscle (which is the muscle solely responsible in helping you control your ejaculation). You will find that after practising the exercises for a period of time, you will have better control over when to shoot your load - or in other words, last even longer in bed and satisfy your partner even more!

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2. Gives you a much rock-solid erection

The logic is pretty much similar to you performing exercises on your other body parts. Not only does exercising help increase the mass as well as strength of your male organ, it also leaves it significantly harder when erected. Why?

Because doing exercises helps to improve the blood circulation to your male organ. And this enhances its overall strength, making it possible for your penis to experience a much harder and longer lasting erection than you could ever had before.

3. Straightens any curvature on your penis body

Not all of us guys are lucky to be born with a perfect looking penis. Many of us suffer from a slight curvature on our male organ. And while this does not pose much problem to your organ's functionality, let's admit it - we could do with a better and healthier looking manhood!

And exercising it regularly with the right set of techniques can help to improve its overall physique. And this will no doubt leave a positive impression on your partner, who will then see you as the only man she will ever need to satisfy her needs in bed!

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