To locate the love muscles that we will use to train first wait till you have to go to the toilet to pee. When you go, try stop the flow of your urine. If you manage to do this, then you will know which muscles to use. You know you will be doing it wrong if the urine is sped up. Word of caution; you don't want to make a habit of doing this every time you go to the toilet. Do it once a week and only do it just to be sure you are using the right muscles. If you know you are using the right muscles then cease doing this test. I obviously don't have to point out that stopping your urine mid flow, and especially all the time is bad for you.

Another way to know if you are using the right muscles is to get an erection and forcibly let your manhood move up. Make it "jump" so to speak. You make it jump then hold it. If you manage to do that then you'll know you've got it right. Unlike the first test, you can do this anytime and as many times as you want.

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So which method out of the two should you use to gauge if you are using the right muscles? I suggest you do both. It's better to be sure. So what happens if you can't stop your urine mid flow or you can't make it jump? It's a sign that you have weak muscles.

Other signs of having weak love muscles, if you are a woman for instance, if you jump or do any jerky movements you tend to not be able to control your urine or suddenly feel like you need to go to the bathroom. Men, next time you know someone who has just given birth and recovered from it, ask them to do star jumps for a minute or anything similar, and you'll know truth in the words I spoke. For men, it's usually the old people at the rest homes that can't control their bodily functions as another prime example of this.

So how to train these newly found muscles? Again, I'm going to go back to pregnant woman to illustrate my analogy here. Ask a pregnant woman about "kegels" and they'll tell you they are training the pelvic floor to contract and relax. That is exactly what we are going to do! Contract and relax. If you want a further analogy, it's just like a bicep curl at the gym. You curl up, you curl down. Contract, relax. Of course there are techniques that make your biceps never relax for a whole set and guess what? You can apply them to this muscle too! Blood flow and mastery of control is the name of the game when training these muscles!

As a sample beginning program you should start out doing 20 repetitions with a contracted 2 second count and relax continuously twice a day. Doesn't matter when just do them. It's as simple as that! You can add a third session when you get proficient, then you can do more repetitions or do longer contracted holds.

Final piece of advice: go slow. Do the twice a day for a month, or a couple of months before improving. I don't know who you are and can only recommend the best starting point for everyone.

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Stop going hard and fast- This is one thing most men do since they just give into the temptation and keep going as fast as possible. Never stimulate yourself to the extent that you can't control yourself. Always take it slow and when you feel you are about to arrive pull out take a deep breath and go back into the routine slowly.

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Position counts a lot- What type of a sexual position are you using? Most men fail to realize this but it's actually a fact. The sexual position you use has a lot to do with your timing and how long you will last in bed. If you are constantly using missionary position then chances are that you might not be able to control it. Always use a position which leads to the least amount of stimulation on your penis. Side by side and women on top are the two most effective positions for this purpose.

The magic of masturbation- Men are not able to orgasm fast when they have already had several orgasms. This is the reason why you must masturbate minutes before having sex as that would instantly make you last longer.

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To give her the kind of sex she craves the most so you can give her a mind blowing orgasm, you need to make her feel sexy. The number one kind of sex that women want the most is to feel sexy and to feel desired. Women want a man who feels to intrigued by her that he can't keep his hands off of her. Women want a man who needs to have her right then and there. The ultimate fantasy for many women is to feel desired and then to be ravaged in the bedroom. Even though men assume that women want passionate, soft and gentle love making, that is not true.

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Women really want to have that kind of rough, raw and real sex. Women want to feel passion and they want to feel the intensity that comes with it. If you really want to give your woman an orgasm, you are going to have to give her this.

To start off the experience the right way, you need to build up that sexual tension in her body. You need to make her want it and you need to make her want it bad. The more sexual tension and anticipation you build, the more aroused she is going to become, which greatly improves her chances of having an orgasm.

When it comes to stimulating her to bring her to orgasm through this kind of sex, you want to use a bit of a rough touch on her. You can get on top of her and make love to her that way and pull her legs up on you. You can also get her from behind and you can do all sorts of things to her that way. There are so many different touches that you can give to her and all of them will assist in making sure she has a great orgasm at the end of it all.

Give her what she is craving and what she wants the most and this is going to set your love life on fire.

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When a man wants to naturally last longer in bed then he needs to be cautious and avoid certain things while making the girl orgasm first.

Arouse her. The best way to bring her to the point of orgasming is to arouse her. Talk tantalizingly and romantically and flirt with her. How you flirt will determine how soon she gets aroused.

Caress her. Along with the verbal you can now embark on the physical side of flirting. Touch her on the arms and neck. Stroke her hair and cheeks and nudge your face into the sides of her neck.

Kiss her. Kiss her passionately and deeply. Let her feel the strength of your kiss and see how she gets aroused and drawn towards you. Kiss her on the neck, the face, the mouth and on the arms. All this will stimulate and arouse her.

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Touch her. Reach out for the breasts and nipples. Caress and cuddle them and stimulate the nipples. Reach your hands between the thighs and stroke her there. Squeeze her thighs and stroke them with your fingers.

Undress her. By now she would have tugged at your hands to undress her. Do it slowly and unhurriedly. You want her to be aroused as much as possible so that by the end of it all she would have orgasmed quite a bit before you penetrate her.

Stimulate the sensitive parts. Stimulate the clitoris and the vaginal lips. While they swell to your touch she would be orgasming perhaps. Do not use your penis yet because if that gets stimulated you will never be able to last hours in bed.

The g spot. Alternately slip your finger into the vagina and locate the g spot and stimulate it. You may also use the tongue as a variation or the penis, but very sparingly. You do not want to ejaculate just yet by rubbing the penis head too long.

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