How to increase the memory power within your-self easily and quickly, that statement may sound a little farfetched but it really is easy to do and there are great benefits from taking the time to follow some very simple steps.

Forgetting where you have put your keys or eyeglasses is a very common frustration for a lot of people, but organization can reduce the instances of forgetting, simple putting the keys and or the eyeglasses in the same place every time reduces the instances of losing them or forgetting where you have put them.

Keeping yourself organized, using an address book, keeping phone numbers in a book or on a cell phone for example. By freeing up your powers of concentration through organization leaves the brain free to remember less routine things.

Using the body’s natural Theta waves aids study and helps with remembering new information. Theta waves occur normally within the brain during hypnogogic sleep; this is the phase of sleep which can be influenced by exterior stimuli such as the sound of an alarm clock being incorporated into the dream state.

It is very easy to induce Theta waves in the waking state; simply by breathing deeper and slower will change the way the brain is working. Change the breathing to the lower abdomen and consciously slow the breathing rate. After just a few minutes the brain will be in the Theta state and more receptive to remembering new information or allowing the retrieval of often buried information or memory.

Memories take time to form, so it is important to give the brain a chance to process and store the information, whether that’s the name of a new acquaintance, a phone number or directions for example. Try keeping the mind clear from clutter or distraction when taking in information; this enables the brain to focus on the information. Avoid complicated tasks or other distractions for a few minutes, this gives the mind or brain the best chance of processing and storing the information.

Some people use what is called Spaced Repetition Learning to improve their memory, this is simple to perform; by repeating associations and mnemonics to yourself over a few days, you are more likely to remember the information. With the practice you should be able to decrease the periods of repeating until your brain is able to process information and remember naturally and quickly.

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