How To Increase Thickness Of Penis Naturally: How Do I Make My Penis Big And Thick

If you find yourself asking the same question over and over again on how to make your penis bigger and thicker then you have come to the right place to receive the answer. Every man banks of this question from time to time especially the ones that are suffering with minuscule penis syndrome. In this medical situation the mind is transfixed on the size and girth of the penis and even when the penis is moderate and adequate in size and girth the individual thinks that it is inadequate and smaller. With these individuals massive therapy sessions and penis exercises go a long way to repair the damage done by years of self neglect and shame. There is help on the horizon for the rest of us though and especially the ones that have 4 to 5 inch penises that are as thin as a pencil!

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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PE is Penis Exercises

Many men are receiving bigger penises in the comfort of their own home and here is how they are doing it. Some of the most popular methods that these guys are using to enlarge their penis size are with the help of penis exercises also known as PE's. In these PE's or physical exercises for the penis enlargement groupings, men massage their units rigorously and for hours at a time. What these men are left with are bigger and wider penises in which to impress and penetrate their women in so many different ways and positions. One of the best exercises to use is from a family of penis exercises called Jelqing.

3 Bladders in Penis

A Jelqing method increases the capacity of the penis tissue and on a much larger scale, the bladders of the penis, with adequately holding more blood. At this point we all should understand that the penis is made up of three individual bladders that hold blood and the size of these bladders and the propensity to hold a certain amount of blood makes for the size of the penis.

Squeeze Method Assists Girth

Once the length is under control with a Jelqing exercise or some other adequate and effective replacement exercise it is time to look toward that girth issue. Girth issues are some of the biggest sexual relationship topics these days as many women even swear by the fact that they wouldn't care if their husbands and boyfriends were 4 inches long as long as they were 4 inches wide! Wouldn't that be nice to be 4 inches wide! Wow only in our dreams yet some men approach 2 ½ inches in width and girth so that is amazing as well!

Girth just as Important as Length

A great method for exercising and increasing the girth is through a variety of squeezing exercises. With this exercise the name says it all as you go to a series of repetitious squeezes and releases that train the tissues of the penis to accept more blood each and every time this is done on a repetitive basis. Please recall that this is all that there is to the penis enlargement training and the tissues of the penis to accept more blood flow. Now go out there and make a bigger and longer penis so that the wife will be so happy to see you when you come home from work not that they are not happy now but it never hurts to have a larger and bigger penis.

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Before doing penis enlargement exercises, there are various penis warm up techniques that you will need to follow first. These penis warm up techniques are vital because they will warm up your penis and prepare it for stretches, as well as help prevent injuries in the long run. Plus, if you warm up your penis properly, you will be able to reap all of the benefits that come with your penis enlargement exercises overall.

Generally speaking, doing these penis warm up techniques is similar to stretching before running or lifting weights, enhancing your gains and leaving less room for injuries.

These penis warm up techniques are vital to do before every penis enlargement exercise out there, except from the Kegel exercise, which is the only exception to this rule because you won't need to exercise your actual penis while doing it. The Kegel exercise only exercises the PC muscles found at your penis base.

Good penis warm up techniques basically consist of applying both heat and moisture to your manhood. There are various ways in which this can be done: through a moist heating pad, a warm washcloth, a rice sock or an infrared lamp. Find out more about these techniques in this article.

Moist Heating Pad

Moist heating pads are very popular choices for penis warm ups because they do not cost very much and can be found practically anywhere. The exact instructions for using one tends to differ from one brand to the next, though.

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Warm Washcloth

Warm washcloths are the easiest and most convenient options. While they may not be as effective as other methods since they cannot retain heat for very long, it would be highly advisable to only go down this route when none of the other options are available to you.

Rice Sock

Rice socks are great because they are both cheap and convenient. In fact, they can be created with just a few items around the household: a sock, a microwave and uncooked rice. Once you have all of these materials ready, all you have to do is fill a sock up with a cup or two of uncooked rice and then tie it shut. Just make sure that the sock still has enough space in it, so that your penis can still move comfortably around in it in the end.

After that, place the rice-filled sock into the microwave and heat it for around an hour. Microwaves tend to differ in power, though, so how long you leave the sock in there will really depend on the kind of microwave you have and how much rice you actually put in the sock.

If the sock is too hot after heating it, wait for it to cool down before putting your penis in it; otherwise, you might burn yourself. Conversely, if the sock still isn't hot afterwards, put it back in the microwave and leave it in there for a little longer.

Infrared Lamp

Infrared lamps are mostly used in the field of medicine. Since infrared light can get into the skin and heat up the tissues under it, these lamps serve very well as penis warm up methods. You just have to make sure that you keep your testicles safe from the heat and ensure you don't burn yourself in the process, either.

Other techniques that you can look into to warm up your penis would be to take a hot bath or shower, sit in a sauna or just dip your manhood into a pot of warm water. Either way, penis warm up techniques are very important if you want to make sure your penis enlargement exercises always go smoothly in the end.

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Warming up before penis enlargement exercises is actually a very important practice that men tend to ignore. However, in the same way that you need to stretch before running or lifting weights, you have to warm up your penis before exercising it, as well.

There is actually a reason why warming up before penis enlargement exercises is vital. See, the penis consists of three major areas: the two corpora cavernosa chambers and the corpos spongium chamber. The goal of penile exercises is to improve the two corpora cavernosa chambers and all of the spongy tissues surrounding them.

So, if you do not warm up your manhood before doing the exercises, it will stay cold and you could experience bumps and blood spots that wouldn't have come about if you had warmed it up first. If you warm up, it will get itself ready for the upcoming physical workouts lined up for it. This is why warming up before penis enlargement exercises is so important.

Naturally, penile exercises will also work much better and bring about faster results if there are no bumps, sports or other unwanted injuries involved, in general. Ideally, these warm ups should be done before every single penile or testicle exercise.

By warming up before penis enlargement exercises, your penis will be ready for the exercises ahead by heating up the blood spaces in the aforementioned chambers, expanding the tissue surrounding them and making the tissue more spongy and flexible overall.

If you have no idea how warming up before penis enlargement exercises works yet, one basic warm up that you can learn is the hot towel technique. All that you need to do this is a warm washcloth, which will be used to expand the tissue inside your penis and warm it up as needed.

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To do the actual warm up, just grab your penis firmly around the head without causing any pain. Then, pull at it with a bit of force, so that you feel a stretch in the middle and at the base of your penis. Release the stretch after every ten seconds and keep doing the same stretch until you have completed ten repetitions.

If you want to add some variety to the mix, rotate things up a bit while doing the stretches by pulling your penis to the left ten times and then to the right ten times. Once you feel that you have stretched out your penis enough, massage yourself until you get a semi-erection.

Once you have a semi-erection, get a big washcloth and soak it in some hot water or about a minute. Then, wrap the washcloth around your erection. This should feel a little hot, but not scorching hot. As long as it isn't scorching hot, just persist through the heat since it will go away fairly quickly anyway. After that, just hold the washcloth onto your penis for a couple of minutes and then soak it into hot water again. Repeat this process five times, ensuring that the washcloth retains the heat each time.

Warming up before penis enlargement exercises this way will send more blood into your penis and keep it there, keeping the blood areas big and flexible. This will, in turn, help promote better blood circulation, better size gains and faster progress overall.

And there you have it - the hot towel technique. Easy, right? Just keep in mind that you have to do this before every penile exercise that you plan on doing for the day. This will practically guarantee much faster results in the long run. Plus, there will be fewer chances of you experiencing unwanted bumps, spots and injuries from your unprepared corpora cavernosa chambers, as well. Stay safe!

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So you decided it is high time you get something done about your lack of size down below. But the thought of having penile enlargement surgery, as suggested by your friends, scares the living daylights out of you - I mean who wouldn't be scared of having a knife at one of the most vital part of your body! Thankfully there are several other less risky ways for you to realize your wish to increase your penis size...

1. Use a penile extender tool - one of the most popular devices available in the male enhancement market today is the penile extender tool. What it is is actually a gadget which attaches over your penis body, and using the force of traction, slowly stretches your male organ into increasing in size. These devices make use of a gradual stretching action, so there is very little to no risk of injuring your manhood.

The only concern that comes into most guys' mind is really the cost of buying one such extender tool. The average pricing for these tools range between $200 to $400, which sadly is beyond the financial reach of many men out there.

2. Taking male enhancement growth supplements - male enhancement pills are also popular amongst men who want to look bigger down below. These pills are generally made up of natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals which contain the right properties to bring about natural growth to the male organ.

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Again, cost comes into mind. Because you would have to consume the pills for an extended period of time for you to realize any noticeable results, it can become rather expensive to maintain your monthly supply of pills.

3. Doing stretching exercises with your hands - one very ancient technique of male enhancement which is gaining in popularity amongst guys today is the method of doing exercises to stretch the male organ into a bigger size.

The idea behind doing exercises on your penis is based on allowing more blood to enter and store within the blood chambers inside your male organ. This results in having the tissues surrounding the blood chambers expand even more during sexual arousal, to create a larger sized erection.

What makes this method far more popular with men today is the fact that you do not need any other devices or medication to have it work! All you need are just your hands to perform the exercises on a regular basis, and you have yourself a scientifically proven way to grow your penis naturally bigger!

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