How To Increase Thickness Of Penis Naturally: How To Make Penis Thicker And Longer

No man is exempted from the thought that every one desires to have a thicker penis because this can improve men's sexual performance. Size really does matters to the women and most men are so worried that the size of their penile erections cannot fully satisfy women. By saying this, there are so many men who want to know how to get a thicker penis that can make their women moan in bed with them.

The thickness of the penis is very important because this is the cause of friction inside the woman's vagina. The thicker the penis is, the better the friction can get which would lead to women's moaning and rolling of the eyes in great orgasmic satisfaction. The question is how can you have a thicker size for your penis?

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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The ways on how to make the penis thicker is countless. In this modern era, there are so many innovations and scientific discoveries on how to increase the size of the penis without having to undergo physical surgeries and operations. Pills, supplements, and other tools are widely available to help those men in achieving their goals of increasing the thickness of their penises so that they can make their partners very happy and satisfied during and after every sexual activity.

The safest way is to learn penile exercises devised by a lot of experts when it comes to male enhancements. There is no need to use tools in doing these exercises because most of these only require the use of your hands. However, to get a better result in the aim to make your penis grow thicker and capable of making women moan during sex, you need to do these exercises and the same time take male enhancement supplements.

These supplements can do wonders in increase the penile size. Aside from that, these supplements can even improve your penile stamina as well as endurance so that you can stand longer in bed allowing your women to reach orgasm before you ejaculate.

Most men find supplements, pills, penis pumps, and other devices as the safer solution on how to get a thicker penis. As the thickness of their penile size improves, their confidence will also increase allowing them to perform better in bed and giving women the sexual pleasure that they need and deserve. Men should always be mindful that the length and the thickness of their penises are the most powerful tools on how to make women moan with great excitement and satisfaction in bed.

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A lot of men wonder whether penis enlargement exercises actually work and a lot of men will debate on whether they do or not. Well, the medical community consists of trained skeptics. So, like any other experts whose jobs are based on science, they require more evidence about something's effectiveness before they deem it effective in the first place. They will require clinical studies with repeatable findings and diverse and huge samples, for example.

So far, there have only been several studies proving that penis enlargement exercises are indeed effective for men who try them out. This is why the medical community isn't backing the statement of their effectiveness. More studies are being done on them now, though, to see how effective they really are.

Despite the lack of proof on these penis enlargement exercises, men of different ages and from all over the world have sworn to experience various benefits from following these exercises. A lot of these men have also sworn that penis enlargement exercises have not just changed their penile size, but their whole life, in general. So, with consistent effort and with time, penis enlargement exercises can really work.

One survey has shown that the average girth gain from doing these exercises has been.51 inches, while the average length gain has been 1 inch. On average, men are known to increase their penile volume by 42% through these exercises, as well.

So, how do these exercises work, exactly? Well, the male body is designed to adapt to different changes. While the thought of exercising the body isn't exactly new, exercising the penis is still a relatively new concept; but they work in the exact same way.

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For starters, the strength of the muscles of your manhood's pelvic floor can significantly affect your ability to last long in bed and affect the overall quality of your erections. Second of all, studies show that the penis consists of different kinds of muscle tissue. In fact, it is known to consist of 50% smooth muscle tissue.

This means that there has to be enough relaxed smooth muscle tissue inside of it if you want to get and maintain healthy erections on a regular basis. This is also needed for the penis to get bigger and longer in the long run.

While smooth muscle tissue isn't the same from skeletal muscle tissue, it does affect the shape and size of a man's penis the same way that bicep muscles affect the shape and size of a man's upper arms.

There are several different theories on penis enlargement exercises out there nowadays. One theory is that these exercises create more smooth muscle cells and make more of those cells grow, which is why they can make erections harder, stronger and longer-lasting with time. This is also why they can bring about penis growth.

Penile stretches can also elongate the layers of connective tissues around the penile shaft to further smooth muscle tissue growth and penile growth, in general. That aside, these stretches also come with a slew of other benefits, like curing premature ejaculation and curing erectile dysfunction. These benefits are a few of the other things that tend to attract men to these exercises to begin with.

Before you jump onto this bandwagon, you should take note that your penis might actually be longer than you make it out to be. See, half of your penis is actually hidden in your body and is held in position by certain ligaments. To release this hidden part, elongating the ligaments through penile exercises can make your penis come forward more and result in increased length. Voila!

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There are 4 different types of penis enlargement exercises out there. Find out all about them in this article.

Stretching Exercises

Penis enlargement exercises that involve stretching basically elongate the smooth muscle, tunica and ligament tissues in a gentle manner. By elongating all of these things, microtears will form and bring about new cell growth at the same time.

The major advantage of stretching exercises would be the fact that you won't need any special equipment to do them. However, you can also use equipment to make these penis enlargement exercises easier for you if you want. Traction devices, like extenders, can be worn under loose clothing, for example. Penis extenders, hangers or weights would only be advisable for intermediate and more advanced practitioners, though.

Another great thing about stretching exercises would be the fact that they exist for various levels - from beginner's levels to more advanced ones, depending on the practitioner's needs.

Some stretching exercises that you might want to find out more about include basic penile stretches. There is the JAI one for beginners, the A-stretch and assisted A-stretch, the bundled ones, the erect ones for intermediate and advanced practitioners, internal types for inner penile stretching, leg tuck pulls, rotating stretches, the ruler stretch, side-to-side ones, and slow cranks.

Expansion Exercises

Penis enlargement exercises that involve expansions basically push the penis's smooth muscle tissue cells outward onto the tunica in order to expand other parts in turn.

The major advantage of expansion exercises would be the fact that you won't need any special equipment to do them, just like with the stretching exercises. These penis enlargement exercises are also completely manual. You just need to find a private place to do them. As with the stretches, there are various exercises for different levels of experiences when it comes to this. However, expansion exercises can also increase penile girth in a significant manner.

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Some expansion exercises that you might want to find out more about include flaccid bends for beginners, erect squeezes, horse squeezes, compressors, slinky bends, pumping exercises, the Uli and clamping for more advanced practitioners.

Pelvic Exercises

Every man knows how vital the pelvic floor muscles are to having healthy erections. In fact, a strong pelvic floor can bring about the best erection angle, too. This is why kegels were developed. Kegels basically exist to exercise the skeletal muscles and, although they were originally created for pregnant women to do, men have recently found out how beneficial kegels can be for them, as well.

The major advantage of these penis enlargement exercises would be the fact that they can be done practically anywhere and at any time to boot. So, you can do them at work, while reading or while watching TV if you want. They are very easy to learn, too. Plus, by timing your kegels well, you can stop premature ejaculation while in bed with your special someone.

Aside from that, they also provide various other benefits, such as more nutrients getting sent into the blood and into the penis, better prostate health, an improved erection angle, and incontinence control.


Jelqing is quite a common exercise for penis enlargement nowadays. What it basically does is stretch the penis, expand it and expand other penile areas in order to bring about tissue cell growth as needed.

By combining stretching exercises and expansion exercises into one, jelqing can bring about the utmost benefits and ensure that you get the most out of it every single time. It doesn't require any special equipment, either. Plus, it can help fix penis curvature. Overall, jelqing would be the best choice for beginners, though even advanced practitioners love the results from it, too.

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Not too long ago, the most medically credible way for you to increase the size of your male organ is through painful surgery procedure. Today, there are plenty of ways in which you can enhance the physique of your manhood without so much of the pain involved. Out of the many available products or treatments, the three methods below stand out as the most easiest ways for you to gain a few inches to your penis size:

1. Use A Penile Extender Tool

Penile extender tools work great at getting your male organ to naturally increase in size. The device works by stretching your penile body - internally, this causes the cells in your male organ to split and grow bigger each. Over a period of time, this process causes your penis to physically appear larger and remaining bigger in size!

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2. Take Male Enhancement Supplements

Male enhancement supplements are vastly sold either in health stores or even on the Internet. These pills are often made of natural ingredients which are picked for their growth-aiding properties. Just taking a pill or two each day over a course of a few weeks or month will slowly but surely boost the size of your manhood.

3. Start Doing Exercises To Your Penis

One of the most effective methods of penis enlargement involves doing exercises to your male organ. Using just your own hands, all you have to do are some simple stretching and massaging actions on your member, preferably each morning. It typically takes only 4 to 6 weeks of exercising for you to gain a permanent increase in your penis size. Even better, exercising also help with enhancing your sexual health!

If you compare these 3 easy methods, you would have to say that doing exercises is obviously the most convenient and cheapest way to effectively grow your penis bigger.

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