Are you feeling anxious that your biological clock is ticking but you are not quite ready to conceive. Perhaps you haven't met the right guy and your career is still your number one focus. Or you've started trying for a baby but want to know what you can do to improve your chances of falling pregnant. Then this is your opportunity to get your body in tip top condition tomaximise your chances of conception so when the time is right for you, you are ready to go and are firing on all cylinders.

We are constantly being bombarded by news articles on how hard it is to get pregnant the older we get, and unfortunately there is some truth in this, however we can actually do a lot ourselves to improve our chances of conception by simply adjusting some lifestyle habits and cutting certain things out of our diet/life.

I meet couples all the time who are looking for help because they are desperate to fall pregnant and they often say they wish they had thought about preparing their bodies sooner, if only they had known that they could do something about it themselves.

I find time and time again that stress is the number one block to falling pregnant. So if you have been under prolonged stress your body will automatically divert its energy to those organs of the body which are needed to cope with the stress and unfortunately your reproductive organs will move to the bottom of your body's priority list making your chances of conception fall to an all time low.

Herbert Benson, MD, identified the reverse of the body's stress response, which he called the 'relaxation response'1. He found that undertaking relaxation techniques can bring about many beneficial changes in the body including a lower heart rate, slower breathing, reduced muscle tension and positive changes in brain waves. Homeopathy recognises that in order to effectively treat fertility issues, it is important to treat any underlying emotional stresses.

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