Many people, me included , obsess about how a website looks, if it has the right color scheme, if the copy is written properly , etc etc. All these things are important and do matter, as they are part of getting your site fully optimized in terms of getting ranked well for search engines.The point of wanting to get listed in search engines, is to get traffic.Without traffic, your site just sits there, looking really nice every time you check it, but with no real traffic levels. The real and perhaps most difficult question is how you get people to visit your site. There's often an expectation that people will just turn up, and sometimes they might, but on the whole, they'll come across your site because they're looking for something and your site , hopefully, will give it to them.So the key is knowing what people are looking for, or want information on.This used to be just about keywords, terms people put into search engines and which you could build your site around , and hopefully match the two up.That is still true to an extent, but there are far more different ways of generating traffic nowadays, than simply through search engines.The most important development, in terms of traffic generation, is probably social networking, mainly Facebook and Twitter. Both these site and many more offer huge opportunities to tap into people interested in certain areas of life, who you can harness to gather interest in your site.
Whilst social networks probably offer the biggest pool of untapped traffic for your site, beware that they are also probably the most net savvy of all your potential traffic, and will know the online world well. They will spend a lot of time online and be very clued up about what they want to see and don't want to see.This is where your on-site optimization on site will really determine your traffic flow.If you have thought through your business model, you will have an idea of who your potential customers are and what they might want from your site.Then its really a case of how you match them up.
The other thing to remember is that an email list can seem a bit of a hassle at times to do, but capturing clients email addresses and using them as part of a marketing campaign can be a huge boost to generating traffic and sales.
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