We all cherish and want our children to be well mannered. Good Manners is a particular trait that travels with us throughout our lives. Whenever we come across a well mannered kid, we appreciate the kid’s parents for inculcating such manners in the kid. It is that particular learning where the environment matters a lot. A kid first learns how to walk, to talk and to behave from the parents. The influence of the family members in that matter can’t be denied but teaching a kid good manners is not a day’s job. It takes time and patience on the part of the parents. It is a learning process which continues till the end. That is the reason why people say it’s never too early or too late to teach children about manners. As children are not little adults, so parents and adult people need to have patience while teaching them about good manners. At first they may be annoyed to accept the norms set by the parents, but gradually with time they start following it. In this particular teaching process, love and care play a very important role.

The first thing that moms and dads need to take care of before teaching their kids good behavior is that to determine whether their behavior, language and action towards others are acceptable or not. Parents are basically role models for their kids. So whatever they say or do, kids quickly catch that. Moreover, parents need to acknowledge their kids’ politeness. This particular task can help children carry those good habits in the future as well. A universal trait among all children is that they are born innocent. But it is also true that they are very good observers. They pick up signals and instructions on how to live by noticing their environment. We need to teach these innocent human beings to be polite not to elders only, but to their peers and group members. The most crucial time in a child’s life is the period when the child enters in to the world of schooling. A child must be taught to be humble, which in turn involves the ability to treat everyone as equals. Aggressive behavior in a child should not be encouraged. An aggressive behavior may lead them to bully over others.

Teaching cleanliness is also a very important for a healthy life. This habit should be taught at a very early age so that children can follow the same when they grow old. A child should brush the teeth before and after going to bed. Children must wash their hands before and after eating a meal. They should cover their mouth while sneezing or coughing. Many things parents can do to help their children like developing good eating habits, starting with the gradual introduction of a variety of foods. By offering a variety of food choices, sticking to mealtime and snack routines, and being a good role model, parents can help children develop good eating habits that will last a lifelong time. As parents, we are the first and most important teachers of our children. So we should help our children to develop these important habits that will help them grow mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically.

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