Inspiring yourself to do what you need to do is a bit complicated, isn’t it? At times, you feel excited, energized and ready to go. Because those are uplifting, you can move forward more easily in those times. But there’s also moments of fear…

Yes, fear’s in there, too.

Fear holds people back. Slows progress! Halts achievement. Fear of not failure, fear of success, fear of any number of things. It’s okay to be afraid – when you inject courage you can move forward despite fear.

What helps in getting courage to happen for you on a day to day basis?

Drilling down to what matters to you is one reliable way of injecting courage. After all, recognizing why you want to do what you need to do is a huge piece of human motivation. Because meaning drives people to do more, push harder and make things happen.

Allow yourself to search for meaning.

Meaning makes actions of courage happen for you. Yes, day in, day out. Each bit of meaning that you find helps you leap forward a little bit. Knowing what matters to you allows you to look beyond your fear. Caring guides you to act in courageous ways. Allows you to push fear into the background!

That’s right, when you let go of fear, you open your way to move forward. Acts of courage get you to trust yourself to move forward. As you get in motion, that first act of courage leads to a want and a need for action.

Your tiny results from that first small act of courage inspire you to keep going.

Because when something matters to you, you’re more willing to start. Because when you start, you see the slightest hint of the results that are possible. Because observing results you care about opens you up to try a bit harder.

You inject courage by action.

Even when it’s something uncomfortable – such as something new to you!

And that can be a strategic inflection point for your life, especially if you’re in business. Because, for example, you might be having a bit of success in business. But maybe you’re trying to add some aspects. Maybe, say, you’re a successful person in your work offline and you want to go online. Or maybe you’re an employee elsewhere, simply looking at going online and putting up an Internet presence when you’ve never been in business before. Those are a little bit different.

In the one case, you’re starting fresh – and you don’t have anything to lose. In the other case, well, you’re starting fresh but you have a whole lot of other balls in the air that you need to be juggling.

The solution is to allow yourself to search for the smallest possible action. Then? Dare to act.

That’s right, you inject courage by strategically choosing the smallest useful action. You take the first tiniest step.
As you do, you grab a new mindset. Your mindset’s the key. You see, you’ve got to get the mindset that you’re going to allow it to be okay that you do this simple little thing and… you will be “Not Great!”

Because the first time you do anything the results are not likely to be great. Because you’re going to be like a baby. How? In that, just like a baby, you’re going to stand up and you’re going to fall flat on your face.

When you recognize that in the beginning? Well, the times when you simply wobble will feel a lot better. Because you’ll be happily aware that this time you’re NOT falling on your face.

And the times you do fall on your face? You’ll be like, oh, okay, I know it’s going to take some learning to do this. I’m going to get back up and take another step.

Yes, you’re going to be like a baby. You’re going to take a bunch of first steps and a bunch of first falls. Eventually you will take a step without falling. Along the way, you’ll feel inspired to take another step! And you’ll be better! With effort over time that you inspire yourself to do by injecting the courage for that first action.

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Cynthia Ann Leighton inspires you to encourage yourself to keep moving forward.

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