It is often said, and rightly so that what your child is doing when he or she is 13 helps decide what they will be doing at the age of 30. If he or she learns to hold their head high regardless of what comes their way, they have certainly sowed seeds of success, prosperity, and happiness he or she reaps as an adult. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each parent to create an environment where their child can learn how to be courageous, responsible, and self-confident. Believe in the abilities of your child and encourage them to take initiative and you will be surprised to see what they can do!

Being a Self-confident Parent

Children imitate their parents, and therefore the child tends to take on a lot of the characteristics of their parents. If the parent is self-confident, they are unconsciously establishing self-confident skills in the life of their child. Children are the best observers. In fact, they do so to the point that a child is often called the father of men. Observing is the first part of the learning process and doing is the second. Therefore, if your child observes you being idle and not completing tasks on time or getting confused at the final hour which results in fighting and you lose your temper, he or she will never know the correct way to deal with like situations. He may also learn bad habits from you such as an undisciplined life and procrastination.

Give your child your time

It is vital that you spend time with your baby. It can be tempting to place your child in daycare and then carry on with your daily activities such as work so that you can make money to support your child, and this all might make good sense to you. However, your child needs your time and you more than anything else. He or she treasures the time you spend playing games, taking walks, helping with their studies, and when you tell your child what they mean to you. This instills a sense of security within your child that makes them confident. Your child knows that he or she does not have to worry about anything. When your child is confident and strong, they will not need your money, since he or she will have the strength and confidence to earn money for themselves. An old proverbs says, "Give a fish to a man and you take care of him for that day, but show the same man how to fish, and you have taken care of him for a lifetime." This is how is needs to be wit your child!

Be a Loving Family

The best thing that a father can do for his children to love his wife. Nothing works better than this. Children are the ones that suffer most when there is problems between a husband and wife. Children are too young to understand what it means when their parents are yelling at each other and their souls are very sensitive so that is hurts deeply and it makes scars that last a lifetime. A child is a gift, and it is the most amazing gift that nature can give you, this child is your blood. Therefore, do you best to take care of your child. Love is the most important aspect of a home. After all, if a home has love and happiness, prosperity cannot be far behind.

Believe in your child

As a parent you might have so many concerns about the security and the safety of your child, but do not allow this fear come to the point where you are overprotecting your child. You cannot be with your child 24 hours a day and your child is the one that has to learn to make his imprint on the world. Believing is the best way to encourage. Being trusted is often a better compliment than being loved.

Trust your child by giving him or her small tasks to finish. Nothing is more special to a child than when you give them a task that they can complete. He or she feels honored and it increases their self-worth. Take the time to guide your child through successfully finishing the task and before long, your child will learn their own way of getting things accomplished. Remember, he has the wings of imagination from nature itself, so do not clip his wings, encourage him to use them to fly.

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