Are you trying to figure out how to integrate a barcode scanner into a website but can't find a solution? Well, you have arrived at the right spot! In this blog, we'll help you find the perfect solution to save time, cost, and effort. Let's begin!

Embed Barcode Scanning Capability into a Website with a Web Barcode Scanner SDK

Why spend days developing a code for adding barcode scanning functionality into a website when you can get it quickly done with a web barcode scanner SDK? Barcode scanning SDKs help you add barcode reading capability to your website, desktop, and mobile apps using minimal coding.

With a web barcode scanner SDK, you can use just a few lines of JavaScript code to transform any mobile device equipped with a camera into a barcode scanner. Your website will be ready with barcode scanning capability, and the users can perform barcode reading on the go.

Features to Look for in a Web Barcode Scanner SDK

While looking for a barcode scanner SDK for your website, you'll come across multiple options. You may try each one of these and see which one suits your requirements the most. The below parameters will help make the selection process easier for you.

  • Easy Integration: This feature is crucial when choosing a barcode scanner SDK. The whole point of opting for an SDK over other solutions is to cut development time and effort. When it comes to integrating barcode scanning capability into your website, it shouldn't take lengthy coding to get you started. A few lines of JavaScript shall suffice.
  • Fast Speed: Barcode technology is widely used because it provides data faster and reduces the dependency on manual data entry and lookups. Hence, the barcode reader SDK must offer high-speed barcode scanning. The leading ones can support reading more than 500 barcodes in a minute.
  • Good Recognition Rate and Accuracy: Intelligent barcode scanner SDKs come equipped with commercial-grade barcode detection algorithms, camera-enhancing functionalities, and OCR capabilities. All these features help provide exceptional accuracy and recognition rate. While looking for a barcode reader SDK for your website, make sure you choose the one that offers nearly 100% accuracy.
  • Support for Multiple Barcode Symbologies: Most barcode scanners fail to read a wide variety of barcode types. Make sure you choose a barcode reader SDK that can support all common barcode symbologies such as linear barcodes, PDF417 codes, MaxiCode, DotCode, DataMatrix codes, QR Codes etc.
  • Ability to Read Challenging Barcodes: Oftentimes, you may come across a challenging barcode such as wrinkled, incomplete, or poorly printed. An ordinary barcode scanner SDK may not be able to decode such barcodes. Hence, it becomes imperative you choose the one that can read tough barcodes without a hitch.
  • Technical Support: While a barcode reader SDK might not be challenging to integrate and use, you never know what issue may come your way. Therefore, look for a vendor that offers robust technical support. Whatever the query, you must be provided with proper support and resolution.
  • Free Trials and Demo: You can't choose a barcode reader SDK if you haven't tried it on your own. It is critical that you try online demos and free trials to understand the features and functions in detail. You can try different options and choose the one that is aligned with your business requirements.

    Choosing a web barcode scanner SDK may get a little tricky, but these parameters will definitely help make your selection process shorter and easier.

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