It is a general perception of the net users NOT to scroll past the first page on any search engine. That is the reason the mere online presence of a website will not be enough or its visibility in the present context. To be noticed businesses need to work harder on their rankings, and their online exposure. That is where search engine optimisation comes into play.


However, with every business investing a sizeable amount on SEO, to make a difference, one needs to go some extra miles that will create that much-needed difference. Now integrating SEO with Digital Marketing Strategy is one of the most effective steps that digital marketing agencies take on behalf of their clients. Now the million-dollar question is how it is done?


Creating Quality Content - It Gives the Website the Desired Authority


Presence of quality content on a website not only gives a shot in the arm of its visibility and rankings on Google SERP, but it also offers an excellent opportunity to play the role of a good information source. One excellent idea is posting insightful blogs on pertinent and industry-specific topics, which will resonate with the target audience.  This will inspire more traffic as people will throng for more relevant and useful information.


Moreover, once that becomes the order of the day, it will fetch even more traffic through regular likes, shares, and comments, all of which will boost brand awareness and lead to more exposure.


That is the reason experts of a digital marketing agency in Perth while designing content marketing strategy take in to account the preference of the readers and the industry trends. Studies have revealed that long-term content always performs on Google in a much better way.  Besides, these strategists would also opt for other more effective as well as engaging content forms like infographics, case studies, original research, branded videos, podcasts and the likes.


Optimising the Critical Elements of the Site


SEO can be critically defined as a layered facet of digital marketing, and hence, it needs to be approached strategically. That is the reason seasoned SEO consultants in Perth would take the following steps to integrate SEO and the aspects of digital marketing:


  • Opt for on-page optimisation, which strategically means polishing each page of a website individually. This may include, for instance, optimising the Meta descriptions and title tags, images and URLs for the primary keywords.
  • Optimising content for the popular keywords for boosting visibility on Google, while making sure they are added naturally and are relevant.
  • Taking advantage of internal linking techniques to guarantee that the contents uploaded can be easily found indexed.


Using link building techniques will go a long way in boosting the backlink portfolio. This will result in enough exposure on the SERPs. It will also help in increasing brand authority. They also create FAQ pages, testimonials and case studies, which will help people find information much faster.  


Investing in the Right Tools and Measuring the Site Performance


Since digital marketing is evolving at a breakneck speed, it has become a challenge for the experts to keep pace with these never-ending changes. However, when it comes to integrating SEO with digital marketing, the key to success is keeping pace with these changes.


The experts thus use the latest strategy and tactics that work for them. To do that they set goals and keep track of their primary KPIs of SEO with the help of the latest and appropriate tools. They measure the keywords and the speed metrics of the websites, parameters of user behaviour like error rates and bounce rates or conversion rates along with the ROI and the major sources of traffic. For all these, there are specific tools that they use, and that IS the key to success when it comes to a successful integration of SEO with Digital Marketing.  

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The author runs a digital marketing agency in Perth, which is home to some of the most experienced SEO consultants in Perth. The author is also a digital marketing and SEO expert who writes relevant blogs and is followed by many.