At this time everybody want's to earn more money as much they can but peoples financial life are bounded with many problems like don't have so much money to invest in business or you are not able to change your profession if you are working or may be don't have so much time to give to another business.

Need to Know

Once you become the investor you need more return with less risk within short period of span so don't attract towards the fake or illegal money making process that can put you in trouble.

What is investment?

Investment is not only for the Rich but this is an process to grow your current wealth. investing is a process to increase your wealth even if you don't have lot of money

Where i can invest?

1. Stock Market: Buying the company is a billionaire scheme but when you are a investor with less money you can buy a stock that means you own a small portion of the company and become the partial owner of a company. whenever the company make some profit they also share the profits among's the all investors one who has bought the company stock. Time by time company grows it also increases the price of the share you bought and can sell at right time to gain more rerun. There are many Stock like KLSE Stock , KLSE Shariah stocks SGX stocks, NYSE stock, NASDAQ Stock etc.

2. Commodities: Usually people buys the gold, silver ornaments that indirectly is the investment in the physical commodities. In commodity market trading in gold, silver is the commodity trading early people were only dependent on the physical commodity investment in believe of safeguard at the bad financial time

3. Bonds Purchasing: the bond is new and different type of investment this is known for the less risk as compare to stocks. when you buy a bond either of the private company or government company simply purchasing the bond is you are loaning to the company in the form of money.

4. Mutual Funds: if you are not enough to calculate the risk on stocks and how to invest in stocks then mutual fund is the best way to invest. In mutual funds stock are chosen by the Mutual fund manger and investors money are manged by them to give high return with less risk but they charge small amount of percentage when you invest in mutual funds. so this is the safe way to invest when you need fixed return.

5. Forex: Forex or foreign exchange this is the largest liquid market of the world other than the stock market. forex is highly volatile that makes the more opportunities to earn more money or get that money in same if in loss so this volatile market always attract the investors to earn more and much in a day. There are many ways to earn money but forex is the way to become millionaire in short period of time. Strategy, techniques, patience and right time to enter the market and right time to exit the market.

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