I was talking with my fiancee yesterday and she was sharing a story of one of her friends whose image has diminished because of her activities and the quality of status updates she puts on her Facebook page. After the sharing, we then realized the impact Facebook can have in people's lives when it comes to image and reputation. Yes, Facebook is great at helping people connect with friends, friends of friends, and even unknown persons. Yes , Facebook allows to share with your network just about anything you feel like posting. Yet, all that you do on facebook can either lift you up and serve you social and professional interest, or it can nail you down and destroy your image, your person, and all that you represent. Can you tell it's important to keep a clean Facebook image? This post is about to tell you how to do it.

Personally, I love Facebook. I use Facebook to connect with people; I use Facebook to enlarge my network, to expose my work, beliefs, and ideas; I use Facebook for the applications it has; but also, I use Facebook to learn about others from my network. Facebook is definitely like a spying room where you cn go to see what people from your network re up to and that 's why it's a must to follow these following rules to keep a clean and respectable image.

Watch your vocabulary - No need to mention that Facebook is open to all ages and therefore what you write matters. Moreover, no matter your professional situation whether you are student, unemployed, doctor, salesperson, assistant or other, your next employer, partner, client, or even significant other may be one of your connection and therefore can read you. So when you post on Facebook, make sure your vocabulary do not require viewer discretion. Even if you have to remain low-key, and reflect an easy-going attitude that matches with the online social environment, you need to understand your writings and vocabulary used tell a lot about the kind of person you are and the level of education you can have.
Watch out the links you share - A good friend of mine the other day shared a link about child abuse and was saying that there is nothing bad about it. That link plus the comment he did was pretty shocking and I did ask myself lot of questions abotu the kind of person and parent this friend can be. I sure will not want my kids to go and stay at his place without me being around, just like I'd probably not invite him to events where kids will be around. I might be wrong about him but the truth is that because of the link and the comment he made the image I have of him has been negatively affected.

Watch out the groups you join - What happens usually when someone befriends you on Facebook is that the person first goes to your wall to read your recent activities and then goes to your info page to find out more about the schools you attended, the career you embraced, your work place, and at the end the groups you joined on Facebook. By joining a group, you show that you believe in what that group represents and believes. So, be careful when accepting a group invitation.
Watch out the pictures of you - The pictures tell about your environment, they tell about who your friends are, they tell about what you do, they tell about what you like. People on Facebook always browse other people's pictures and from those pictures they try to see the kind of person you become since the last time you met each other. So don't go to Facebook and upload pictures of you looking depressed with a bottle of wine on the table of the under rated bar of low neighborhood. I suggest you always put pictures that will lift you up and sell a better image of you that will invite people to put a nice comment. You don;t have to be fake, just forgive yourself for the bad pictures taken at a bad moment and praise yourself for the ones that give you respect.

Watch out people comments about you or your posts - The good thing with blogs is that you can decide whether or not you want people to leave a comment to your post. If you want great, if not then you disable the option. Facebook is a little bit different on that. You might not allow people to write on your wall, however, when you share a thought, a link, or comment on someone's else wall, people can definitely also leave a comment. Now, some people are out there just to put comment that will disgrace and diminish others. Don't let them do that to your image. If someone leaves a comment that diminishes you and disgrace your image, do not hesitate to remove the comment. Facebook offers that options that you can remove and even report comments that you dislike. So when necessary, use that option.
Your image is your brand and it follows you everywhere you go, years after years and later is associated to the people who relate to you. That's why it's so important to be really careful about the image you reflect and to keep it clean in any online social network site as well as any places you go.

Right now, you should have got it right. Facebook just like any other social sites is nothing but a media and as it, what you say, what you post, what you share, what you comment, can be used to build you up or to destroy you. Which outcome do you go for?

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