Keeping any new blog visitors on your site for as long as possible is the best way to develop a loyal following! Any good blogger knows that the overall popularity of your site is built around the loyalty of your readers! The longer you're able to keep people from leaving your platform the greater the chance that they will view more of your blog posts! Assuming what you offer is both relevant and interesting, this is the single best way to keep your readers returning!

Here are 3 ways any good blogger can 'entice' visitors to hang around and view more of the content found on the site!

Worthy Content (Duh!)

There's no way around it your blog posts need to offer value in some way to those who visit your site! The first step is to maintain some type of relevance to the blogging theme you've chosen and to present information that is useful or at least entertaining to your readers! Without offering something from which people can benefit in terms of content, you stand little chance of getting visitors to return!

Internal Links

Being able to post updates that offer people value is one thing but helping them find it on your site is something any good blogger must do! When visitors land on your platform in most cases they're have clicked on a link taking them to a particular entry! Once they've view the contents of that particular update their next move is to typically leave the site! By linking to other entries you have posted that contain information of relevance to the post they just viewed you can 'entice' people to dig 'deeper' into your platform for additional reading! In this way you are showing your readers that you offer a 'wealth' of information that is worth their returning to see! Without linking in this way these same people may never go any further than to read just that one update and then leave, in many cases, for good!

Easy Access Archives

Always make available in the side menu of your platform an easy and convenient way for any visitors to access your archives! Along those lines you obviously also want to place EVERY update you post into an appropriate category within your archives making it all that much easier for others to navigate! Your readers will appreciate the convenient access you have offered them to all the content on your blogging platform!

Getting any blog visitors to return is the first step towards gaining their loyalty! When your readers are loyal they obviously like your blog posts but keeping them on your site to view what you have to offer is the trick! The 3 suggestions laid out above are logical and proven ways to help your readers easily find what you've created or gathered in terms of content that they may find interesting! The point is that a good blogger will do what they can to make the contents of their site easy to locate for visitors! Much like giving a cat milk, if you don't 'spoon feed' your posts to visitors they're likely to 'bounce' away and possibly never to return! On the other hand if your blog posts are of good quality, than they can be used to encourage your readers to return to continue enjoying their viewing experience!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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