With a hard focus on social distancing and prioritizing the safety of team members, businesses have had to pivot to working remotely. This concept isn’t new to some, but to many, it poses a new challenge: how can team members stay connected working in different environments without physical supervision?

Staying connected and maintaining a relationship with your team doesn’t have to be complicated. In the digital age of advanced technology, it is easy to create new systems that allow communication and collaboration to flow just as it would in the office.

- Utilize Video Communication Tools
- Upgrade At-Home Work Technology
- Utilize Digital Management Applications 
- Get Innovative with Collaboration 
- Maintain a Regular Meeting Schedule

This doesn’t have to take place every day or every week, you could even consider one-on-ones to make sure each person is on track and clear up any gray areas. Keep in mind that the more you communicate with your team while being apart, the more structured you and your members will feel. When everyone is feeling confident with a clear focus on what must be done, more productive work comes out of it.

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