Cooling towers can be seen in many industries including power plants. And in each industry, these cooling towers have their own purpose. Like in some industries these cooling towers are used to exhale all the heat created by the machinery and inhales cool air from the environment to keep machinery cool down and work effectively. In the same way in power plants, these cooling towers are being used to cool down the temperature of the water being used in it, so that water could be used once again for the electricity production cycle.

And several times we just ignore about the maintenance of these cooling towers which is our one of the biggest mistakes. Basically Cooling Tower Cleaning is really necessary, otherwise, they will be the main reason to house several dangerous bacteria inside it, and exhales it in the environment with the smoke or heat emitted out of it. And among all those bacteria Legionella is one of the prominent ones. Even though in the UK it is illegal to constantly use Cooling towers without authorities being notified of their maintenance. There are still many industrialists who are unaware of the health hazards of these towers. Now for Cooling Tower Cleaning, there are several things that are necessary to be followed. First of all skilled worker is being required who can measure all the aspects of the cooling tower from time to time.

Tower Cleaning
Then all of these records are necessary to be kept so that later on they could be compared to measure if there is something wrong inside the cooling tower. There are several industries who do not use all of their cooling towers at once, and there are some of them which are kept idle for a longer time period. So in such cases, a foul smell is being appeared from it. Well, this foul smell could be a reason for Legionella as well. So before these cooling towers are being operated, it is really necessary that they should be cleaned properly and emptied. And all of these processes are should be done sometime before they are being used.

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