An organization’s data is its most valuable asset, and safeguarding it is its primary responsibility. As a cloud-based platform, Salesforce provides a safe and secure platform for data storage. However, precautions should be undertaken to ensure data safety, which indeed is a full-time job. Listed below are some tips that can help keep data safe in the CRM.

Conduct Regular Health Checks: To ensure whether your CRM is at its’ optimum best, regular health check-up is important. Even if you are happy with the current Salesforce version, you must consider getting a health check-up done so that loopholes can be identified and fixed on an urgent basis. You can get in touch with one of the best Salesforce consulting companies to get the needful done. 

Two-factor authentication: This is an in-built feature that provides a different level of security. It is a great idea to make all users go through a double level of authentication every time they wish to log in. This feature helps users to download the Salesforce Authenticator app on their mobile, or get an SMS, then use the unique code sent by Salesforce to authenticate that it is the user who is trying to log in.

Accessibility: By setting up a hierarchy for the users of Salesforce, each person can have access basis their position in the hierarchy and urgency to know. Instead of highlighting the fields that are available to the users, role hierarchy helps in determining the reports, dashboards, records that can be availed and leveraged by employees in particular roles. Preparing Salesforce hierarchy is essential for ensuring data security, as well as preparation of reports and accurate forecasting.

Use a virus scanner app: Salesforce doesn’t have a virus scanner app, and thus it should be searched and deployed as early as possible. This will help in shoving off malicious content.

Salesforce Shield: It is a combination of security tools that takes data security to the next level by boosting the security of a company in three different ways, i.e., event monitoring, platform encryption, and field audit trail.

Quick Wrap-up: 

The tips mentioned above, if followed, can ensure data security within the Salesforce CRM. It is prudent to partner with one of the best Salesforce consultants to ensure data security within Salesforce.  


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