Kitchen knives make our daily life easier in many ways. Thanks to their razor-sharp edges! But it’s a pain when you see they develop rust over time unless they are stainless steel made. You can easily prevent this problem if you know how.

Instead of just throwing them out when they got rust, follow some tips to keep them rust-proof years after years. And in this article, you will learn some of such cool tips. Learn more about your kitchen DIY.

Get Rid of Rust Naturally With Lemon

Over time, the steel will oxidize and react with the air. That’s how they start to develop rust. But we can delay this process and keep them totally rust-proof for several years.

But first, we will remove the rust from the knives. After that, we will learn how to keep them rust-proof in the future.

The method involves using a lemon piece. It’s a totally food safe approach but will get the job done effectively. Simply cut a lemon and rub it to your rusted knives.

Now, use any sponge or wet cloth to rub your knives until the rusts go away. It should happen fast.

If the rust is stubborn, you can dip the lemon cut with sea salt to double the action. Now, rub it along with your rusted knives again and you should see the exciting result pretty soon.

Get Rid of Rust Naturally With Coffee!

If your knives are made of carbon steel, you can adopt another approach to get rid of the rust. You will need the following:

• Cheap instant coffee (any brand will work!)
• A bigger coffee cup.
• Sponge/dish cloth.

This is what you should do…

Brew the cheap coffee. Chill it and make it really a strong coffee. Make it cold (should not be even warm). Put the sponge at the bottom of the cup and gently put your knife into the cup.

Submerge the whole knife except its handle. Let the knife sit in the cup overnight.

After the overnight wait, take your knife out and wipe it down with the sponge. Wipe it down, clean, and dry it. There won’t be any rust and it will more rust-resistant in the future.

How To Prevent Rusting To Happen In The Future?

Okay, getting rid of the rust from your knives is not so difficult. But it will become a disappointing experience if you have to do the cleaning more often. So, preventing it from happening again is a smart decision.

Take the following measures to prevent rust to keep your knives sharp always:

1. When you are done using your knives, clean them right away!
2. Use any common dish soap and hand wash. Let them dry normally. You will get the best result this way.
3. Always avoid using the dishwasher.
4. I would not soak my knives in the sink if I were you! Also, don’t let them sit in the water for too long.


Knives are an important kitchen element. If you take care of it, it will stay rust-proof for a long time. Follow my tips and your knives will okay all the time.

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.