As an entrepreneur, you'll face both good times and bad times in your business. When the economy at large is in a slump, your business will likely have to make a few changes in order to survive and regain its growth trajectory once the market improves. Here are four of the steps you can take to keep your entrepreneurial endeavors afloat during an economic downturn.

Focus on Your Highest Return Ventures

In any business, there will be some activities that produce more profit than others. When times get tough, you may need to concentrate your efforts and your investment in the areas where they'll get the highest rate of return. Doing this can help you to keep as much revenue coming in as possible while reducing your expenses.

Use the Time to Plan for Future Growth

Many entrepreneurs find that economic downturns sap their motivation and make it difficult to carry on with business as usual. To keep your spirits high while accomplishing something useful at the same time, lay out some future growth plans. Whether you're using the time to develop a new product or to map out some new marketing strategies, you'll find that planning for future growth will help you stay motivated in your business.

Utilize All Available Resources

In many cases, economic downturns result in state and federal government stimulus programs for small businesses. In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, the CARES Act helps small businesses by providing them with forgivable loans for payroll and other essential expenses. Most major economic crises come with similar programs, so be sure to look into all available resources and take advantage of them to keep your business afloat.

If Necessary, Seek Out a Line of Credit

There may be some circumstances in which you can't avoid taking on debt to keep your business going. If it was fairly stable and profitable before the slowdown set in, you'll likely find that banks are willing to advance you modest loans at reasonable rates. Don't take on more debt than you absolutely have to, though, since repaying could eat into your bottom line when the economy starts to pick back up.

By taking these four basic steps, you should be able to keep your entrepreneurial activities going, even in bad economic times. Above all else, remember to remain optimistic and focused on the future. The bad times never last forever, and there will be plenty of money to be made once the economy begins to recover.

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