Keep spices from clumping is the very coolest problem for any housewife. If you are a housewife and all-time anxiety about spices clumping, then you have landed in the right place.

So that you will not face this issue anymore, that is why in this post, I will talk about and provide you with an ultimate guide about how to keep spices from clumping.

So, without wasting any more time, let us dive into the main topic.

Sometimes I faced the climbing problem, some of my spices became hard to block, or you can say it in a one-word clump. Once a day, I decide to know is there anything that can help me to prevent spices Clump. I tried to figure out a method so that I won't face spice clump issues again, and once a moment, I got three methods. Now, I am sharing these methods that helped me, and I will tell you why spices became Clump.

Why Spices become Clump

While exposing and moisture, the spices powder clumps together. The moisture makes spices Clump. Sometimes moisture attracts than others. That is why, first of all, we need to prevent moisture from getting in the containers. It can help you to stay spices natural and do not have to worry about getting Clump. If it is clear why spices become Clump, then it's time to go to the next step on how to keep spices from clumping.

How to keep spices from clumping

These days, spices become a little bit costly. So, you might not want to see that your expensive spices are just damaging by clumping. It's a very complicated matter. I have a few very effective and useful tips for you. If you follow these simple ways, I ensure you will definitely understand about how to keep spices from clumping.

  • Stay away your spices from Heat, Light, and Moisture
  • Add dried beans into the spice shaker
  • Put little bit rice like one tables poon

When spices stay with heat, light, and with moisture, the possibility is that, the spices will be Clump. Because the heat help spices become clumping as well as the moisture also helps spices become hard block spices. So when you want to keep spices from clumping, the first step is that Stay away from spices from heat, light, and moisture. Isn't it a pretty cool idea, right?

We already know that the main reason for spices clumping is moisture. The moisture help spices become a hard block, and we can say this help becomes a clump which is embarrassing. So, if you want to prevent the spices from Clump, then you can add dried beans into a spice shaker because it helps to prevent moisture and helps to spices Clump together.

A great tip is just to put a little bit of rice like a tablespoon or half a tablespoon onto each bottle. It worked great for turmeric or garlic powder and cayenne paper salt any of these things and shook it up, and it will be work great to keep spices from clumping. Rice will prevent the moisture from spices.

How to preserve spices

Preserving spices in a good place can help your spices keep safe from clumping. For dry spices, keep them in tightly sealed glass jars, and don't forget to label everything with the name and expiration dates. And you don't have to rush out and buy a stock of these containers. Store and wash pots of baby food, curd, jam. Mostly, modern spice jars are perfect for this purpose.

The care is only to reserve them to always keep the same type of seasoning. Avoid to keeping the spices from fridge and the stove. The most ideal place is an airy place.


Above, these simple tips can help you to enjoy your cooking experience. All of these methods anyone can use so quickly. As well as it will not waste your time too. I hope you enjoyed our ultimate guide. If you enjoyed it, then share this, which interested in it. Furthermore, it's time for what you say, which tips you are going to use first?

Stay your spices away from light and moisture or which? Please leave a comment below. Thank you.

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