Choosing a right dog bowl will go a long way in keeping the dogs well fed and healthy. However, to keep the dog bowls clean and sterile is not easy as it might appear. Sanitation is of prime importance in keeping the dogs healthy and disease free. Just like humans, dogs are also highly vulnerable to diseases caused by germs due to dirty bowls.

Be it milk or solid food, after each serve, the dog bowl should be thoroughly cleaned to make sure that the germs do not multiply. Stale food and leftovers on the plate are not only harmful for the health of the dog but will also make the food less appetizing as the dogs have a very sharp sense of smell.

Dog bowls are available in various materials like plastic, ceramic and steel. For bigger breeds, steel will be a good choice as it is strong and solid and wont break even if its dropped down or bitten hard by the dog. However it is expensive than plastic and has not many choices or colors.

Ceramic is comparatively easy to clean and matches with the décor of your home. However the risk of breakage is very high and it could be risky to serve the dog in broken plates as it might cause lethal injuries to them.

Plastic Dog Bowl on the other hand is not too heavy and can be put in a dish washer; it is economical and is available in a range of colors. However the catch is that the dogs might bite and break them and the germs multiply easily as these cannot be sterilized with hot water. Considering the pros and cons, stainless steel dog bowl is a better choice.

Here are some handy tips in keeping the dog bowls clean and sterile.

The dog bowl should be washed with soap and water before the food is served to the animal. It is recommended that the bowls are taken for washing as soon as the animal has finished eating. If this is practically not possible every time, make sure that you soak the dog bowls in warm soap water for a while before scrubbing it clean. The leftovers are likely to harden and stick to the sides of the bowl making it difficult to clean. Make sure that the soap is thoroughly washed off to prevent the soap particles from getting into the pet’s body with its meals. After a thorough wash, it is recommended to air dry the dog bowls before it is used for the next meals.

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