Have you ever been bothered by the growing mold in your bathroom? If not. Then you are very lucky because once it makes itself grow in the bathroom, it is very difficult to get rid of it permanently.

Mold is a member of the fungi family which always thrives in a place with low levels of light and high humidity conditions and bathrooms are the perfect breeding ground for them. It can grow anywhere on walls, ceilings, floor covering, and tile grouts.
Mold does not only cause ugliness, but its presence in the bathroom can also lead to health problems, especially for people who suffer from chest and respiratory problems or allergies.
But no need to worry, here are some simple tips that can help you banish mold for good.

1. Improve Ventilation:
Before cleaning and fixing leaks it is important to eliminate the conditions that cause mold to grow. Apart from giving sunlight direct access to the place ventilation also provides ambient air to the bathroom and prevents it from spreading by reducing the moisture and humidity in the bathroom. An eternally vented fan on the bathroom wall is the best option if you have not already installed one.

2. Choose Mildew-Resistant Paint:
If the walls of the bathroom are already stained with mold, it is useless to keep cleaning it again and again instead use a paint which is mildew resistant as it will not only prevent mold growth but will also freshen up the walls

3. Fix Leaks:
Keep checking leaks from time to time and take action straight away if you notice any musty odor because small leaks in the pipe or sink can go unnoticed and create problems in long run. Areas like tile grouts and sealant and underneath the taps can accumulate unnecessary water over time due to the dripping onto the floor and cause mold creation.

4. Clean up The Condensation:
After you take shower, do not forget to clean the dampness from the surface, if you do not want mold to grow. Every time look around if any condensation has built up like windows, walls, and dry these areas to prevent moisture seeping into the surfaces. Use a squeegee for drying walls and floor right after taking shower and you will notice the moisture will reduce more than half.

5. Replace The Grouts:
It is observed that once the mold is accumulated in the grouts it is very difficult to get it out. So, if you have any place where there is already mold built, the best option is to replace the grouts with a new one and this will save you from the frustration you can have otherwise. Once the new grout is filled, keep a routine for its cleaning to prevent the accumulation of dust over it.

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