One of the hardest parts of being a parent is when you’re travelling with your small children. They can really give you a lot of trouble while driving your way through your destination. Toddlers are very inquisitive. They keep on moving around and touching things whatever their small hands can reach. Travelling with them can really prove frustrating for new parents especially if it is their first time to travel with their child.

For one, toddlers can be very impatient. Most of the time they want to move from one place to another and it does not matter whether they are inside the house or inside the car. This can be a real challenge for new parents but if you know what your toddler likes you can keep him occupied along the journey. Allow him to enjoy his trip staring at the view outside or do his simple routines around the car. Just be ready when he’s about to have those tantrums and be sure to have something to offer to calm him down.

Talk to your child while inside the car. You can tell him the importance why you need to buckle him up while inside the car. Allow your child to absorb what you are saying at this age he may think that you’re trying to rein him. You have to keep his attention and encourage him that you will be happy if he sits still along the way and play with his toys while you are on your way. Point to him the different things he sees outside while on your journey. Tell him stories why all these things he can see around happen to be there.

Make sure that you have prepared everything your child needs before embarking on your trip especially if you’re going to drive for hours. It is important that nothing changes with his normal routine. Feeding time and sleeping time should come as usual.

For short trips and long trips allow your child to have a walk. If you’re visiting his paediatrician park somewhere near and both of you can walk your way through the doctor’s office. This will give him the time to explore things around him. Now if you’re going for long trips try to stop at least every two hours to stretch and for your toddler to walk around. Just make sure that he is safe from moving vehicles.

Before your trip you can talk to your child about it and ask him what he wants to bring. He might want to bring a favorite toy or a music CD he wants to listen to or a book which you bought for him. Pack all these in a special bag that contains all his things so you can easily get them when he starts asking for them. If you think a toy that he wants to bring will annoy you, explain to him why you can’t bring that toy and that he can always play with it when you get back. Then ask him which one he would like to bring instead.

Make sure that your child is protected from the sun when travelling. This can easily annoy your child during your travel.

Don’t forget to bring some drinks and snacks as well. Your child might want to have something to drink aside from his milk and would want to have his regular snack meals while you are on travel. Choose foods that will not cause any mess in your car. Be careful with the drinks you bring along. Sometimes they might spill.
Always be ready with everything that your child needs like diapers, extra clothing, bottled – water and if possible bring a first aid kit with you when travelling.

Toddlers can sometimes be hard to handle and keeping your cool while on travel is a great challenge but if you know your child well, you will know what to do. Keeping these simple tips as well will help you keep up with the challenge.

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