Employee satisfaction is a huge factor in your workplace, not only in productivity but how your staff feel about you as an employer. Although business is about making money and growing in your industry, you couldn’t achieve this without a good team behind you so you must ensure your workplace benefits them too. From a bespoke progression plan to amazing serviced offices in Central London, there’s a lot you can do to keep your staff happy at work.

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Good communication
The last thing you employees want is to feel out of the loop, not only will this encourage office gossip but it could damage your relationship and make your staff feel undervalued. When appropriate, you must keep everyone updated with changes and company news this could be through regular company meetings, emails or newsletters. You should also schedule catch-ups on an individual basis to see how everyone is getting on and how things can be improved.

Show your appreciation
With tight deadlines, high volumes of work and difficult clients being just some of the struggles your employee may be dealing with, it’s important to show you appreciation. Working really hard and receiving no feedback can be disheartening and bad for morale, but even a simple ‘Well done’ or a shout out in a company email can make a world of difference.

Offer perks
Company perks are a great way of keeping your staff happy. Free fruit, gym discounts, birthday leave, monthly prizes and other similar ideas are all incentives that make working for you that little bit better. Not only will this make you stand out from other businesses and keep your employees happy but it’s also a practical way of boosting productivity.

Implement some of our ideas or use them as inspiration for improving your workplace. Happy employees equal a happy business so never underestimate your team and what they do for you! A small gesture can go a long way so get brainstorming and improve your employee satisfaction today.

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