Are your pets driving you crazy by chewing on your furniture? If an expensive chair or divan is in danger, now is the time to take action. You can do this by adopting a number of handy tips that will focus their attention elsewhere. Here are the best ways you can keep your pets from chewing up your furniture.

Give Your Cat the Best Litter Box

It may well be your kitty that is causing all the fuss. If this is the case, you can neutralize the problem in a number of ways. One of the very best things that you can do is consider the source of the problem. Your feline friend may well be trying to share an emotion that they feel strongly about with you.

The emotion in question may well have something to do with their frustration over the lack of a clean and well-kept litter box. If this is the cause of the issue, you can solve it in a flash. Get them a brand new Top Entry litter box. This is the state of the art as far as modern cat litter boxes are concerned.

This may well be the clincher to keep your kitty in line from now on. If there is one thing that cats are very particular about, it's the state of their litter box. A happy and content kitty is one that will very gladly refrain from chewing up your furniture in the future. A clean, tidy litter box may well be the key to keeping them quiet.

Keep Them in a Pet Kennel

Another way to keep your pets from chewing up your furniture is to keep them in a pet carrier when you are not in the house. Your pets may simply get frustrated and angry out of sheer loneliness when you are not there to play with them. They may be taking it all out on your unlucky furniture.

If this is the case, your best bet is to give them a confined but safe space to relax and play in while you are out of the house. Make sure you have plenty of food, clean water, and toys for them to focus on. This will keep your furniture safe and keep your pets occupied until you can come back to visit with them in person.

Make Sure Your Pup Has Plenty of Chew Toys

The real cause of the problem may be that you have not given your pup enough toys to chew on. This is crucial because a growing pup is at the teething stage. This means that they are prone to chew on everything they can get their little choppers around. Pups need a lot of love, care, and tolerance at this very chewy stage of their life.

You can keep your furniture safe by making sure that your pup has lots of chewy, squeaky toys to bite down on when the urge occurs. And since they are pups, you can be sure this will be often. The more well supplied your furry baby is with these handy chew toys, the better. This is the lifesaver your couch will need to survive.

Hire a Sitter for Your Pets

Another potential cause of the excess chewing is that your pets simply aren't seeing enough of you. Pets have a deep emotional bond with their owners. They want to know that you are always around to feed them, play with them, and keep them company.

If you have to be out of the home for long periods of time, your pets may get lonely or angry. They may chew on the couch in revenge or as something to take their mind off their loneliness. A friendly sitter can solve this issue.

Give Your Furniture a Much Needed Break

No one wants to be put in the position where they need to choose between their furry friend and their favorite chair. If your pets are chewing up your furniture, you need to put a stop to this unhappy state of affairs. Making use of these handy tips is a great way to make sure that you can keep your classic sofa and your furry best friend.


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