If you have a smart home and are keen to keep your different appliances safe and secure, today we have some tips which we hope will help. Although it is true that connected devices provide cybercriminals with more holes to try and steal your information, there are certainly a few clever things you can do and shut the door off cybercriminals. Read a couple of our best tips and tricks to protect your intelligent home and personal details that you should keep in mind when you indulge yourself with some online shopping in Qatar

Securing your smart home
It is important to know what we're all up how to to use the internet before we receive some helpful tips in order to defend your smart home from some sort of fraud, scoundrel, hacker and cyber-criminals. Today bad guys have a range of sophisticated tricks and strategies for us while we sit comfortably in our own homes to target both our personal information and private information. Those involve nasty tricks like hacking our baby monitor and web cams and hijacking them for our everyday lives.
Of course, the same bad guys still use other, much less advanced methods, like phishing calls and e-mails, to try to get us to give up our credit card numbers to banking details willingly. The things these people are going to say are simply amazing—everything from posing as a traveling relative and in trouble who needs some fast cash to warn us who there is a warrant for our arrest to be behind our federal income taxes. There are numerous and varied schemes and scams these people use, and unfortunately they always operate, but there are also many important steps we can all take to protect ourselves.

Router security
Routers are a very important component of smart home protection and a must add to cart item when you are online shopping in Qatar. In reality, routers are the portal for all of our Internet-connected devices into and out of our homes. What this means is that routers provide a perfect opportunity for users to slam the door shut before cyber criminals can even get in. However, many of the routers that Internet service providers offer are simple and do not have a lot, if any, of built-in security.
Even on that, there is something you can do. For example, you can (and should) independently get your own router which allows you to search for one out that has an internet firewall built in. A firewall, which is actually just a software program, can enhance the security of your home Wi-Fi network by preventing unauthorized access, and by extension, to and from your various connected devices.
For a high-quality router, solid protection of your home Wi-Fi network is possible too. You may need to mess around a bit with the configuration and settings of your new router, but the effort will be worth it in the end when all the data entering and exiting your home is safely encrypted. If you want to lock out cybercriminals at the key online entry point in your house, it's a must have a good router with strong protection!

Smart device setup
As We discussed above, some connected devices, such as baby monitors and web cams, are more appealing to hackers and cyber criminals than other. Such designs should never be put anywhere they see in any part of your home you consider to be private, including your bathroom. Notice also that webcams built into laptop computers are easily covered when not in use, whether by a special device designed to slide over the camera or a clear piece of opaque tape.
Typically, when setting up any new smart device that you may have bought when online shopping in Qatar, there is an opportunity to customize the privacy settings of that device as per your own needs. That's certainly something you can do if you think the default settings don't go far enough to protect you under your own particular circumstances. Every computer you buy must be tested separately, and you are always free to test and change any of the default settings as appropriate.
Always note that not all smart home devices are produced equally, so when it comes to cyber security each individual smart home device manufacturer has its own goals so parameters. Other products, such as those from well-established manufacturers with a reputation for upholding, are more likely to have tough security features and continuing maintenance and software upgrades over time, which will help ensure their continued protection.

Creating secure passwords
It's imperative that you build strong passwords to keep your home Wi-Fi network safe and secure — as well as the numerous devices that connect to the Internet through it. Protecting your home Wi-Fi network and numerous connected devices is, after all, no other than protecting your banking details. In both cases, developing and retaining secure passwords is important to prevent possible vulnerabilities that may lead to, or worse, the loss of sensitive personal information.

The bottom line here is that each and every user of connected devices is responsible for the privacy and protection of Smart Home. Try to do your part in locking out the bad guys and you're going to escape a lot of trouble. If you haven’t secured yourself yet, Visit Jumbosouq.com right away. It’s Qatar’s trusted site for online shopping in Qatar for electronics!

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