With so many distractions in today's society, it is very easy to lose focus on the tasks at hand. Remaining on task often becomes extremely challenging whenever working alone. Having a small team helps in striving to maintain focus and direction toward a goal. The information below will assist team leaders in achieving the determined goal set before the team.

Establish the vision

Establishing the vision of the team is very important. The team should work together in order to decide on the vision which is set before them. A clearly defined vision is very important to have in place. Strive to create a vision that will not become too difficult to understand. Challenge is a great feature to have with any team, but the team's challenge should not overcome the team's vision.

Establish goals

Establish the goals which the team must achieve in order to achieve the vision before them. Brainstorming is a great way to encourage teamwork. By creating a group goal consensus through brainstorming, the team will be able to work toward their vision. Goals are the points of success every team should strive toward. Striving toward the goals will also bring the team perseverance. Goals are very important and each team member should be encouraged to work toward them.  


Once a vision and goals are in place, it will be time to implement a great startup. Teamwork should be fun. The teams that can laugh, work hard, achieve goals, and clearly see a vision will succeed. The startup is the beginning of the journey. Focus on the task at hand and once the task is accomplished, then seek another task to complete. There will be many deadlines and priorities which will arise with each task. The team should make working together fun, yet complete the task to the best of their ability and in a good time frame.

Team size

The size of the team is very important. The team should be small. The smaller the team, the more easily it will be for each team member to remain on task. Larger teams tend to have too many leaders and not nearly enough task completion.  Everyone has their own opinions and ideas for each task. Whenever there are too many people on a team disaster is lurking undermining the vision to be obtained. 


Encourage the team to stay on task by offering rewards. This is where your organizational leadership skills really come into play. Everyone loves to be rewarded for hard work and perseverance. The team that strives to reach deadlines by giving their best and by completing projects in a timely manner will eventually wins the race. The reward does not need to be something of great value. The principle of the gift is what is important. Recognition for a job well done motivates the members of the team. Encourage each team member with praise as a type of reward. Sometimes the best gift a person can receive is for someone to simply say, "Well Done."  

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