We often tend to blush when we are stressed, nervous, anxious, or embarrassed. Stressful situations that we experience can be worsened by our worries about the problem. This condition is caused by increased blood flow. Some people, such as those who manifest anxiety disorders, blush more often and faster. Furthermore, just saying to someone they are starting to blush can make them experience this situation. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks which can show you how to keep yourself from blushing.

Avoid eye contact. Try to avoid looking in the eyes of the person who makes you feel stressed or embarrassed. That way you will relax and, thereby, your blushing will be stopped. You should also take into consideration avoiding being in the spotlight. A situation like this can be extremely stressful and embarrassing

Breathe deeply. Blushing appears when your body is under considerable levels of stress. Breathing deeply and slowly will relax you, blood flow will decrease to the normal levels, and your heartbeat will slow down. This will help you reduce flushing. You should also take into consideration practicing some stress relief yoga or different stretching exercises.

Just smile. It is scientifically proven that we can trick our bodies through facial expressions. Research in this field revealed that people who were asked to perform different stressful activities while smiling had a slower heartbeat than others, and they said that they feel better after the experience.

Acknowledge the blushing. Admit when you’re in a stressful or embarrassing situation and accept all the reactions you have. This will help you relax. Therefore, you will be much more prepared to cope with it, and the blushing will be reduced. Also, you should try not to think too much about this problem. The more we worry about it, the more we blush.

Cool off. The blushing is more frequent in heated spaces. You could get rid of some clothes, switch the air conditioning, or go in a cooler place. Cold water can also help.

Avoid triggering factors. Some aspects can make us more prone to redness and consequently, to more obvious blushing. It would be a good idea to try to avoid them as much as possible. Some of them are long exposure to sunlight, caffeine, or spicy foods. You could also mask your redness with green color corrective makeup

Try Hypnosis. This is a technique that treats anxiety disorders and lots of other things. If you are anxious, and this is manifested through blushing, you could take into consideration this treatment. It will help you get rid of negative thoughts. Therefore, the blushing you experience in an embarrassing or stressful situation can be reduced.

Blushing is not necessarily a negative thing. The majority of people consider this condition to be extremely charming. Furthermore, this aspect can make people more empathetic and improves interpersonal relationships. Don’t consider yourself responsible for your blushing! It’s just an involuntary reaction of your body which you can control through the techniques presented above. Don’t forget to relax and smile!

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