I hear so many people refer to the recession as the cause of their business slump. “No one is buying anything!” they cry. The only thing you shouldn’t be buying is the notion that the economy is responsible for your decrease in business. There are many people who are earning more money than ever before. And lots of people are buying things.

For example, when my husband recently had an accident that resulted in the loss of both of our incomes for several months, we still managed to afford to buy him a power recliner to help him in his recovery. During the 70’s and 80’s there were 7 reported minor recessions. But my business never suffered---and I was selling a luxury item!

What separates the people who are having business slumps from those who are thriving? Beliefs. That’s it. Just your beliefs. And that’s good news because beliefs can be changed. I hear story after story of ordinary people who have transformed their lives into extraordinary ones by changing their beliefs.

If you are a business owner who is having trouble moving your business forward, it might be limiting beliefs that are holding you back. You need to clear out the cobwebs of the old limiting beliefs that are no longer in line with your new business. Old beliefs will stand in your way to success if you don’t address them and do something to change them.

They can be beliefs such as:
• the maximum amount of money you can earn
• how big you can grow your business
• the affordability of delegating tasks to free up your time
• the number of hours you are willing to work
• or beliefs around money itself

Limiting beliefs could be keeping you from getting your new business of the ground as well as attracting wealth. One of the biggest limiting beliefs people have is that supply is limited. This implies that there is a finite amount of riches in the world. But this is not really true and is proven daily. More and more people are becoming millionaires every day. More and more people are turning their yearly income into their monthly income.

And you can do the same. Here is a simple exercise that you can try to address and change some of those old beliefs into new ones that are more supportive.

1) Make a list of the beliefs you have that may not be serving you now
2) Ask yourself if these beliefs are ones you want to believe.
3) Rewrite the beliefs as you would like them to be, changing each of these beliefs to a positive belief. For example, if one of your beliefs is “It will be hard to attract new clients” change it to “I can easily attract new clients.”

If you do this whenever you discover a belief that is no longer helping you, you will be removing some of the biggest obstacles on your journey to success. Then when people ask you if the recession is affecting your business, you can say, “What recession?”

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