A happy and stable life is a combination of a lot of things. It means that you have to take care of more than one thing in your life to make sure that you have stable mental health and happy life at the same time. We all know that life can be unfair to us sometimes, but we try to tell ourselves that we got this because we have the support of our friends and family. But what if we don’t have that kind of support? What if the people around us take pleasure in seeing us coming short in life? It can make life pretty rough, right?

However, it is another story that, more often than not, these people are around us, and we are unable to recognize them. Sometimes, we even know that our friends or family are being toxic to us but couldn’t gather up the courage to kick them out of our lives. If you can relate to this, then this blog is just the thing that you need to read.

In this blog, I’ve narrowed down some of the most important and tried and tested ways to kick toxic people out of your life. So, if you want to make sure that you have nothing but positivity in your life and people who spread positive vibes, then keep reading this blog and find how you can get rid of people who are affecting your mental health and your ability to progress in life.

So, without any further ado, here you go:

First Thing First – Identify who they are

If you want to get rid of toxic people from your life, then you have to make sure that you identify them first. It may sound like something difficult, but trust me when I say that you can do this. All you have to do is to make sure that you know who is happy when you are happy and who always wants to have an opportunity to make fun of you.

Make no mistake; they could be anyone. In worst-case scenarios, the most toxic people in your life could be your parents and siblings. So, you have to be very careful while judging who is being toxic in your life and who actually wants you to succeed in life at their heart. There is no denying the fact that there is no particular formula to judge this. So, you’ll have to trust your gut feeling.

However, a simple rule is that if someone in your life is constantly making you question your self-worth, then it is about time that you realize they are the source of toxicity in your life, and it is time to get rid of them.

Start Putting Yourself above Anyone Else

Believe it or not, but toxic people figure out your weaknesses and use them as a tool to make you feel bad about yourself. It is perhaps the most common tool used by people who have toxic nature. Therefore, if you want to get rid of them, you need to make sure that you learn to put yourself first no matter what. You also have to make sure that you are letting anyone make the decision of your life for you. It is one of the most toxic traits that such people have. They make you feel you are unable to make your own decisions so they start controlling your life by controlling life choices.

If you have anyone around you who is in such a position and is using their influence and toxicity to control you, then you can stop them right now by putting yourself first and above anything. It’ll give them a shut-up call, and they’ll know they can’t manipulate you anymore as now you know what they’ve been doing to you.

Set Boundaries and Let them know about it clearly

If you want to get rid of toxic people, then you have to set their boundaries. It means that you’ll have to reconsider your own boundaries first. If something is bothering, then make sure that you tell them in a loud and clear tone that their condescending behavior will not be tolerated.

It requires you to take some time and know what bothers you and what doesn’t. Once you’ve narrowed down all the things that were affecting your mental health and peace of mind by making your life toxic, it’s time to let them know that they are not allowed to do the things that bother you. Remember, they may not accept that they were toxic, but that’s exactly the thing a toxic person would say. So, make sure that you are not giving them any room for doubt. If they refuse to admit their mistake, then take it as a hint and let them go from your life just like that because you are done handling toxicity in your life.

Know that Your Job is not to save them

More often than not, toxic people use their existing conditions as a tool to manipulate you and emotionally blackmail you. It means that if they are going through a rough patch in their life, then they’ll try to justify their toxic behavior by bringing the crisis in their life as an excuse.

If you have any such person in your life who is making your life difficult and toxic just because they have their own issues to deal with, then you have to make sure that you get rid of them once in for all. Understand that it is not your responsibility to save them from their miseries. All you can do is help them, and you should help them as a good friend. However, you also need to know that you are not the reason for the problems in their life. Therefore, you don’t deserve to be treated in a toxic and unhealthy way.

Gather Up the Courage to Let Them Go

More often than not, getting rid of the toxic person means that you may have to let them go for good. It may become very difficult, depending upon the nature of the relationship that you may have with them. However, you also need to understand that you also matter, and your mental stability and happiness are also important.

So, if getting rid of the toxicity of a person means to lose them for good, then let it be and let them go. It may sound something really difficult at first, but believe me. Eventually, you are going to realize that your decision was right after all, and you have done the absolutely right thing. All you have to do is to know that putting your mental health first is not a crime, and you are not going to regret it no matter what.

Stand Firm on Your Grounds and Hold Your Stance

You’ll be surprised to know that most of the toxic people have super amazing manipulative skills. They can easily manipulate any kind of situation to their benefit. Therefore, if you want to get off a toxic person, then you have to make sure that you stand strong on your stance.

Remember, upon confrontation, they are going to manipulate the situation once again. That’s where you need to make sure that you are being manipulated. Keep telling yourself that your feelings about their toxicity are valid, and they are just trying to manipulate you. It’ll help you in getting rid of them once in for all.

Own yourself and tell them you are Not Ashamed

As said earlier, toxic people in your life try to take benefit of your vulnerabilities by using them against you whenever they need and make you feel bad. If you want to get rid of such people, then you have to own your weaknesses and let them know that you are not ashamed of anything, and you know your weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and it is completely normal and human to have them.

This kind of attitude will give the toxic person all kinds of edge over you, and you’ll be able to talk to them more confidently, and their presence will no longer intimidate you. So, start loving yourself by owning your weaknesses and watch the toxic people in your life getting diluted just like that.

If it Means Breaking Up, then Break Up it is

More often than not, getting rid of a toxic partner becomes too difficult to handle. They try to intimidate you by using all kinds of tactics. It is where you have to be extremely careful. If they are not stopping to bother you, then get a restraining order against them and make sure that you are safe from them. Hire a San Diego restraining order lawyer to make sure that all the legal matters are sorted out between you and your toxic partner.

Again, it is not going to be easy, but it is something that you’ll have to do to get your peace of mind and a good life with any kind of toxicity in it.

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