How to Know If She is Losing Sexual Interest in You: What to Do When She's Not Interested in Sex

The fact is that women are men are very different in the way they think and at the same time in the way they do and experience things. The same thing applies to sex and being effective in bed. There are some mistakes a lot of men make due to which the female completely loses sexual interest in them. It's extremely important to know this because she might eventually end up dumping you and might find someone else who can give her what she wants. Read on to discover how you can find out if she is losing interest and at the same time achieve the desired results fast......

She will lose sexual interest- She would stop wanting sex as much as she used to want it before. You see there would be a sudden drop in her sexual interest in you and when you ask for sex she might make an excuse or two just to escape a sexual session with you.

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She will be tired all the time- Her body language will always be down and she would not find sex with you interesting at all. Rather she would prefer to sleep then have sex with you before she goes to bed. She would act tired all the time and often this is an excuse she would make just to indicate that she has lost sexual interest in you.

She keeps on faking orgasms on a regular basis- Now this is not a good sign at all. This means that you are not able to provide her with what she is looking for in bed due to which she has fake her orgasms on a regular basis now. A lot of women out there fake orgasms on a regular basis just to make sure that their partner does not feel bad about the fact that he is not able to satisfy them.

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For most men and women, the sex goes something like this...

The guy gives his woman a clitoral orgasm before intercourse or after intercourse and he uses his fingers or oral sex to get the job done.

If that's not the case, sometimes he'll rub his woman's clitoris during intercourse and 'get her off' that way, or she'll rub her own clitoris.

Oh, and he'll ejaculate inside her or on her, after he's had penetrative sex with her.


You see, what the average guy is failing to do is to give his woman vaginal orgasms during intercourse.

If you don't give your woman this type of orgasm -- you aren't totally sexually satisfying her. Period.

Here's an interesting fact...

Many women cheat.

When I say 'many', we're talking way over 50%.

And they very often cheat to GET BETTER SEX.

But here's the really interesting part of all of this:

It's always the women whose men fail to give them vaginal orgasms during intercourse who end up cheating. In contrast, the women whose men regularly give them vaginal orgasms during intercourse never cheat because they are sexually fulfilled.

So if you regularly ejaculate inside your woman during intercourse, without giving her a vaginal orgasms first (or simultaneously) -- you are showing her that you are like all the other guys.

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Clueless in bed.

Put yourself in her shoes for just a second...

If the only way you get her off is by rubbing her clitoris, but you 'get off' during intercourse -- how do you think she feels about intercourse?

You got it.

She feels like there's a lot more in it for YOU than there is for her.

And that makes her see you as selfish.

It also explains why so many women say they prefer ORAL SEX to penetrative sex -- because they have an orgasm during oral sex and they don't during penetrative sex.

Let me tell you something...

Women who regularly experience vaginal orgasms during intercourse never ever say they prefer oral sex to penetrative sex. To these fortunate women, oral sex is just a 'warm up' for the main course.

Clitoral orgasms are just a warm up for vaginal orgasms during intercourse.

So here's the bottom line...

If you want to give your woman GREAT SEX, you must give her vaginal orgasms during intercourse. Until you do this, avoid blowing your load inside her. To get her to have this type of mind-blowing orgasm, you need to do two things:

1. First give her vaginal orgasms by fingering her

2. Talk dirty

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The first thing that you must know is that it is up to her to decide if she wants this kind of pleasure or not. Even if you do all of the steps and use the techniques right to a perfect T, if she doesn't want it then it won't happen. This is how much control she has over her body. If you really want her to feel this kind of pleasure and for her to be driven wild with satisfaction, then you have to openly communicate about the subject. You have to tell her what you want and then see if she is up for it.

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You might rate yourself as an excellent lover after hearing your girl shout out your name in sheer seductive pleasure as you make love to her, but are you sure that she is not faking an orgasm?

Here are some ways on how to spot a fake orgasm.

Your girl does not sweat. While any girl having a real orgasm will sweat heavily, your girl's body might have remained cool even as you sweat all over her. This would indicate that her orgasm was just a fake.

Your girl's nipples do not become erect. If your girl's nipples do not become erect or harden, or do not turn a shade darker then she is obviously shouting out your name just so that you stop the sexual act.

Your girl's organs do not change color. In a genuine orgasm, blood will rush to your girl's cheeks, vagina and breasts and they will turn into a warm shade of pink or even redden quite a bit. If your girl's body does not change color then either she has an internal plumbing problem or she is faking her orgasm.

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She catches her breath immediately. If your girl had reached a real orgasm then her breath would have been sucked away by the magnitude of the orgasm and she would have a hard time catching her breath even after several minutes. If your girl starts speaking normally immediately after her 'orgasm' then that was obviously a fake orgasm.

Her vagina remains dry. Your girl's vagina should overflow with the juice of ecstasy when she attains an actual orgasm. If her vagina remains dry then she is surely faking it.

She moves away from you. If, immediately after climaxing, she moves away from you or gets up to wear her clothes then her 'orgasm' was just an excuse to end the sexual act. A real orgasm will have her cuddling you in her arms while her body goes limp from exhaustion.

There is no tightness in her vagina. If during an orgasm, your partner does not tighten her vaginal muscles involuntarily then that too would indicate that the verbal effects were just a fake show.

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